In this post, I will be doing a WP Engine Review with the advantages and disadvantages of using WP Engine for WordPress Hosting. So that you can decide on whether this hosting is good for you or not. WP Engine is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers offering managed plans for WordPress hosted blogs.

They are one of the initial companies that started the concept of WordPress managed hosting. If you are looking for a managed WordPress hosting for your business WP Engine is the solution for you.

WP Engine, however, offers rock-solid WordPress hosting services. Their pricing is what scares most people when the time comes to consider it.

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Now, to help you decide on whether or not WP Engine is worth the pricing we have conducted a review for WP Engine with a discussion on its Pros (Advantages) and Cons (Disadvantages)

Advantages of WP Engine WordPress Hosting

1. WP Engine Review: Speed and Uptime

WP Engine has servers across Europe, the US, and in the Asia region so it makes sure your website loads from a location near your visitors. This speeds up your content delivery.

Due to their managed WordPress hosting platform, WP Engine takes care of all your worries about your WordPress website speed and Uptime.

They have a global managed content distribution network (CDN), which routes local requests to the nearest server making sure your content loads fast.

They have an excellent caching solution which is ‘EverCache’ which is capable of handling millions of hits to your website on a daily basis. Their managed WordPress hosting gives you good uptime and speed so you don’t really have to worry about your website loading issues.

Even websites that are not properly optimized perform well on their platform because their platform is built for WordPress and they have a team of experts in handling WordPress websites. With WP Engine managed WordPress hosting you can manage traffic spikes from a few thousand to millions of users seamlessly.

2. WP Engine Review: Customer Support

WP Engine is excellent in customer support. If you are hosting using a managed WordPress hosting platform like WP Engine you expect top-quality customer support.

WP Engine has a large team of WordPress experts who are available on 24/7 live chat support. You can access this live chat feature on your WP Engine control panel.

I have done a test on their support system and I found it to be very responsive. Their agents are able to respond very quickly and are highly knowledgeable on WordPress which makes your life easier. They also have a good knowledge base with nice documentation and tutorials.

3. WP Engine WordPress hosting convenience

WP Engine customers don’t have to worry about plugins, installs, security patches, updates for WordPress. Once you host your WordPress website on WP Engine, their platform takes care of all the technical aspects of optimizing and managing your WordPress website technical aspects.

Their excellent WordPress managed platform lets you focus on your business rather than worrying about technical aspects of broken plugins, update issues, etc.

They also offer threat detection and Disaster Recovery making sure that your website doesn’t suffer from hacking issues. Also, you get a FREE SSL certificate which is essential for websites to gain trust and security from your visitors.

Installing WordPress is super easy on its control panel. You just need to click on a button and enter the name of your site. You have the option to install a fresh WordPress website or you can copy an existing site on your account.

If you are a developer who needs to create a website for your client then this copy option is extremely useful to quickly apply your configuration to new sites.

Even if you are not ready with a domain you can use the WP Engine subdomain as your website URL and later on you can move your website to your chosen domain.

4. StudioPress Genesis Themes Choice

Now, this is a feature that makes me fall in love with WP Engine hosting. In the year 2018, WP Engine acquired StudioPress: known for the popular Genesis framework. With this acquisition, WP Engine customers can now use the Genesis Framework and select from 60 beautiful StudioPress WordPress themes at no extra cost. Check out these themes here

These WordPress themes for your blog or website are actually very costly and may cost you more than $100 for a single theme license. This creates a huge value of WP Engine as you need a good theme for a WordPress blog if you are really serious about your business.

These StudioPress themes can be used to create blogs, e-commerce stores, cafe sites, etc. Now with the WordPress market full of so many themes, it is really difficult to choose one however, with WP Engine you have the option to choose from a good collection of themes.

5. WP Engine Review: Automatic website backups

We all know that running a website is difficult if you don’t have an option to go in history and restore your website from a backup. WP Engine makes this job easy for you with an automatic nightly backup option. This option backs up your WordPress core files, plugins, themes, databases.

In any event, if anything wrong happens to your website you can easily recover your website from the automatic back-ups with a button click. Also, you can do a manual backup in the event of making any changes to your website. If anything breaks you can easily roll over to the previous backup restore point.

Disadvantages of WP Engine WordPress hosting

As with any hosting, WP Engine is not immune to Cons.

1. WP Engine Hosting Plans Pricing

WP Engine offers 4 hosting plans: Startup (starts at $30 per month), Growth (starts at $115 per month), Scale (starts at $290 per month), and Custom (for large businesses and mission-critical sites)

These plans are expensive and won’t fit into everyone’s budget. However, if your traffic drives you good revenue you can ignore this point and go with their hosting. Check out their pricing plans.

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2. No Email Hosting and Domain registration

WP Engine only offers WordPress hosting services. They do not offer domain name registration services. This is not convenient for a person who is looking for a free domain registration along with the hosting.

In addition to this, you cannot host your email with WP Engine. However, most people prefer to host their emails on third party platforms so this will not be an issue for many. You can get your email hosting from G Suite or Rackspace etc.

3. No cPanel

This is, however, not a very big Cons. It is still a Cons for people who prefer the traditional cPanel for managing their websites. WP Engine, however, has an easy to User Portal which has most of the features one needs in a hosting panel.

Now Would I Recommend WP Engine?

WP Engine is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers in the world. They offer the best speed, security, and scalability for your website. 

Their platform is simple to use, takes care of all your burden of managing WordPress plugins, theme issues, broken codes and other technical aspects of WordPress websites.

Their excellent features like fast speed, good uptime, daily backups, threat detection, and Disaster Recovery, CDN services, excellent customer support, EverCache solution you don’t need to worry about your hosting scalability as WP Engine can handle traffic spikes easily.

They also offer the Genesis theme framework with StudioPress themes when you sign up on their hosting plans. This saves you more than $100 which you have to spend on the purchase of a good WordPress theme. So If you are looking for a premium WordPress hosting platform. I suggest you try WP Engine.

Use this link to Get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine.

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General FAQ

Is WP Engine good?

Yes, as per my WP Engine review, WP Engine is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers in the world. They offer the best speed, security, and scalability for your website. 

What does WP Engine do?

WP Engine WP Engine is a managed hosting service that provides managed plans for WordPress CMS hosted blogs. They offer different plans based on individual hosting requirements.

Does WP Engine use Cpanel?

No WP Engine does not use Cpanel. Instead, they have their own User Panel which has all the features one looks for hosting needs.

Is WPEngine shared hosting?

WP Engine is a premium dedicated hosting platform. They offer plans based on your traffic requirement so the hosting is on a dedicated server.

How much does WP Engine cost?

WP Engine offers 4 hosting plans: Startup (starting at $30 per month), Growth (starting at $115 per month), Scale (starting at $290 per month), and Custom (for large businesses and mission-critical sites)

Is WP Engine the same as WordPress?

WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting provider. This means they provide hosting for WordPress run websites. WordPress is a CMS and WP engine is the host.

Do I need managed WordPress hosting?

If you are serious about your business and don’t want to handle the technical aspect of handling the WordPress website. You definitely need a managed WordPress hosting which will take care of all the technical aspects of running a WordPress website and lets you focus on your business.

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