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Are you looking for Thrive Suite Review? You have arrived at the right place. In this Thrive Suite Review, I will show you the features that Thrive Suite offer. This will help you to decide on choosing Thrive Suite for your WordPress blog.

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What is Thrive Suite?

Thrive Themes was founded in early 2013. Thrive Themes have a Thrive Suite Membership which provides conversion focussed WordPress themes and plugins.

Thrive Suite is Your All-in-One Toolbox to Create a WordPress Website That Converts Visitors into Leads and Customers. Thrive Suite creates conversion-focused WordPress plugins, themes, and website-building software.

Using Thrive Suite anyone can create an online website or blog without the need to learn or implement any code. Thrive Suite also teaches methods for growing your online business through its blog and free Thrive University courses. So, using Thrive Suite you get the tools and free courses to grow your online business in the best way.

With the passing of time, Thrive Suite has gone through significant improvements. They now have 268 landing page templates, 107K+ happy customers, and 16 conversion-focused products. In the coming days, these numbers should improve.

Thrive Suite Membership Pricing and Products

Thrive Suite has multiple products under one brand name. This is the best part because with Thrive Suite membership you gain access to all of their products under one plan.

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Thrive Suite membership gives you access to all the below products under one plan:

  1. Thrive Theme Builder – Helps to build your Conversion Focused WordPress Site without the need for any coding with a 100% front-end visual theme builder
  2. Thrive Architect – A popular page builder that allows you to create engaging and impressive content in WordPress using a drag-and-drop editor
  3. Thrive Quiz Builder Boosts website engagement using quizzes
  4. Thrive Leads – Helps to build your mailing list faster
  5. Thrive Ovation Helps you to gather and showcase testimonials for social proof
  6. Thrive Comments – Provides you the ability to build an engaged and interactive community by making commenting fun and engaging
  7. Thrive Optimize – A tool to build A/B tests for landing pages
  8. Thrive Ultimatum – A tool to create campaigns with the added “fear of missing out” feature. This helps to boost your conversions
  9. Thrive Apprentice – A plugin to build professional online courses
  10. Thrive Automator – helps to create smart automation to build workflows for passing data between different plugins, services, and apps

Thrive Suite Review – Pros and Cons

Thrive Suite ReviewPros

👍 Conversions Focus – Thrive Suite membership products are conversion focussed. Their products focus on helping you to achieve the highest conversion rates possible from your website irrespective of your business goals.

👍 Thrive Membership gives you access to all of their products in one plan. However, you can also buy individual products by paying the one-time price with unlimited updates

👍 Thrive Suite products: Thrive Leads, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Optimize, and Thrive Architect come with in-built A/B testing mechanisms

👍 These products are easy to integrate with other services plugins.

👍 They are a great choice for Marketing/Affiliate marketing websites or blogs

👍 Thrive Suite has excellent support and well-documented products. This is useful for someone who has just started using their products

👍 The products are built keeping in mind real-life marketing applications. Their product updates are very frequent and they keep on adding better versions of their existing products

Thrive Suite ReviewCons

👎 The products are focused on marketing. This is understandable as they have conversions focussed WordPress themes and plugins

👎 If you are a new user you need to spend some time learning about their products. This is due to the vast range of products they offer

👎 Thrive Architect has no support for 3rd party plugins. However, they can fix this in future updates

👎 Thrive Suite only works With WordPress: Thrive Suite doesn’t work with Joomla, Drupal, or any other platform.

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Thrive Suite Review – Key Products

Thrive Suite products are focused on conversions. Thrive Suite membership gives you access to excellent products like Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Optimize, Thrive Apprentice, and many more.

When you look at so many products you might feel which of these are useful for me. Well to make things simple let’s dive in and review some of the key products which come under Thrive Suite membership. This Thrive Suite Review of products will help you determine which of these products are useful for your marketing goals.

Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive Theme Builder helps you to visually create or modify header, footer, blog post templates, sidebar, page layout, category pages, search pages, 404s, etc.

This is a useful product to create any page you like without depending on your WordPress theme’s inbuilt page elements. You can create the pages using the easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature.

Thrive Suite Review - Thrive Theme Builder

You might be wondering what makes Thrive Theme Builder better than your standard WordPress theme or site builder. Here is the answer. Thrive Theme Builder is a full-fledged WordPress theme and site builder.

It has great customization power which gives you complete control of your site design. Let us look into some useful features of Thrive Theme Builder:

  • You can launch your website in less than 15 minutes time
  • Quickly change brand elements everywhere with a single click, or customize every pixel to your exact needs
  • Create a conversion focussed website
  • Thrive Theme Builder was built with the mobile web in mind. So your website will be responsive to mobile
  • It has 100’S site-building and design elements included
  • Thrive Theme Builder is natively integrated with dozens of tools, including email marketing systems, webinar platforms, Zapier, and more.

Surely this is impressive. Now, you might have a question in mind. I am not a web designer and creating a WordPress theme from scratch seems like a difficult job to accomplish. However, Thrive Theme Builder has a solution to this.

Thrive Theme Builder comes in a companion with Shapeshift. This is the plugin they recommend using with their theme builder for maximum performance and compatibility. Shapeshift has features like:

  • Pre-designed sections for every area of your site. This ensures that you have a plug-and-play template at your fingertips
  • It is 100% customizable – You just need to add your logo and change its color or customize every small detail
  • It is super flexible and can be used to build simple to complex websites very easily

Clearly, this seems like a lot of features, but is it difficult to use all of these? Not at all. Thrive Theme Builder can be used in just 3 simple steps. Thanks to the setup walkthrough wizard that comes along with this product. You just need to follow the steps below:

  1. Install the Thrive Theme Builder + Shapeshift to your website
  2. Follow the site setup walkthrough wizard
  3. That’s it! Your Theme Structure and Layout are Ready, Just Add Content

Explore Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a visual page builder that is designed for a website that focuses on conversions. This plugin can be used to build your landing pages, lead generation forms, pages, and posts.

Thrive Suite Review - Thrive Architect

What Makes Thrive Architect Different?

  • Thrive Architect provides a lot of flexibility and power as compared to the default WordPress editor. It transforms your blog posts and pages into highly impressive-looking, responsive, and highly conversion-friendly pages
  • It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editing feature. To change something you just need to click on it and your edits will be seen. This is called “click-to-edit”
  • Multiple conversion focussed and beautifully designed landing page templates come along with Thrive Architect. This helps to quickly build ready-to-use opt-in pages, webinar pages, sales, opt-in pages, and more
  • Thrive Architect has beautiful-looking buttons, countdown timers, and lead-generation forms that can be integrated with your favorite email marketing tool
  • It comes with a tablet and mobile website builder. This helps you to customize the looks and feel of your website on mobile and tablet devices completely.

What we can build with Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect helps you to create the following pages:

Highly Converting Homepage: With Thrive Architect you can build a promising homepage design that will be loved by your audience. For this, you can just use one of the templates to build a beautiful, professional-looking homepage. You can add columns, opt-in forms, social sharing icons, and much more.

Create Highly Converting Sales Pages: If you ever try to create a sales page using the default WordPress editor. You know for sure that it was not made to build the kind of layout you need on a sales page. With Thrive Architect you can use the sales page templates to create a stunning sales page that converts.

Landing Pages to Built Mailing Lists: Every business needs email lists to grow its revenue. Email marketing is a high-return-on investment channel in which any business wants to invest. With Thrive Architect you can build dozens of landing pages to present your offers and grow your mailing list.

Write Beautifully Formatted & Engaging Blog Posts: You can create engaging blog posts using styled lists, images, click-to-tweet quotes, highlight boxes, and other media. This is helpful to create blog posts that are highly engaging for your audience.

Product Launch Page, Webinar Pages & More: Whatever marketing strategy you opt for. Thrive Architect can help you create suitable pages for it. You can generate leads for a webinar event, create product launch pages, and much more using Thrive Architect.

Explore Thrive Architect

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads helps you build your mailing list fast. Furthermore, it has everything required to attract and convert your audience for a sign-up to your email list.

Thrive Suite Review - Thrive Leads

You can use pop-up opt-in forms, and sidebar forms with display options for mobile, desktop, and much more. Furthermore, you can run split tests with insights into how your email marketing strategy performs and ways to improve it.

Thrive Leads allows you to measure the performance of these split tests. You will be able to see reports with insights on how your email marketing is performing with ways to improve it. Undoubtedly, this is very helpful because you can test different visuals to see which performs and helps you gain more email subscribers.

You can do all this within your WordPress panel. It enables you to insert forms at locations you prefer and makes your lead magnet delivery easy and simple.

Thrive Leads Review – Advantages

  • Design & Deploy – Thrive Leads provides you with a simple drag-and-drop editor to create the perfect design you need
  • Advanced Targeting – You can boost your conversions by showing relevant, highly targeted offers to your visitors based on categories, tags, posts, and more. These can be set with triggers, scroll triggers, on-click forms, and more. You can build highly targeted lists using Thrive Leads
  • Multiple Form Types – You can create a Pop-up lightbox, exit-intent lightbox, scroll mat, widget, ribbon, 2-step opt-in form, and much more form types
  • Mobile Specific Opt-in Forms – Thrive Leads give you full control over your mobile visitors. You can hide or shows certain forms, certain elements on a form, or customize the form for a remarkable mobile sign-up experience
  • Beautifully Pre-Designed Templates – It comes with dozens of beautiful and eye-catchy templates to create list-building forms.
  • A/B Testing – It is equipped with an easy-to-use and highly advanced A/B testing feature. A/B testing increases your conversions by helping you to decide on the best-performing design based on visitor engagement
  • Actionable Reporting & Insights – It helps you to get an overview of the most important metrics. You can see how your opt-in forms are performing on a time period and what is the source of your valuable traffic.
  • Integration – Thrive Leads integrates with over 35 other marketing services and products. This list will increase with time

Thrive Leads Review – Disadvantages

Thrive Leads is quite bulky and it can slow your page load speed to some extent. However, the features of this plugin can improve your online conversions to a large extent.

Explore Thrive Leads

Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum is a smart plugin that allows you to use scarcity to sell your digital products in WordPress. In the below image you can see an example of scarcity campaign results. You can notice that the scarcity campaign leads to an increase in conversion rates and sales with the same amount of traffic.

Thrive Ultimatum

What makes Thrive Ultimatum different?

This plugin allows you to add a lockdown feature to your campaign. This means each new prospect who enters has their own countdown and their own time limit. Furthermore, each prospect experiences your time-limited campaign as if it were a regular campaign with a fixed end date.

The lockdown feature ensures that the countdown works even if the visitor switches devices, clears their cookies, or is using different browsers. The below image shows an example of a scarcity offer.

Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum Review – Advantages

  • Set a start and end date for your campaigns and the plugin will do the rest for you. Thrive Ultimatum automatically starts, stops, or repeats campaigns for you. Each visitor experiences their own time-limited campaign!
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of campaigns and let them run at the same time
  • Show your dynamic countdown timer in a “sticky” header bar on your pages
  • Easily customizable timer designs
  • Run a campaign on your sales page & show your countdowns anywhere on your site
  • The lockdown feature helps you to build evergreen campaigns that are as authentic and uncheatable as any real, time-limited offer

Thrive Ultimatum Review – Disadvantages

  • Thrive Ultimatum requires integration with Thrive Leads for even better functionality
  • It works well for WordPress, but it cannot be used in other CMS platforms

Explore Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Quiz Builder

If you run a business you might be knowing that online quizzes are a very popular marketing tactic. Furthermore, these quizzes can be used on social media and on your website to build your lists and social shares.

Thrive Quiz Builder is an amazing quiz builder. It helps you to create online quizzes that can grab the attention of your visitors. To create these quizzes you don’t need to learn any code. Using this tool, you can create some awesome quizzes to boost your list-building efforts or get some more traffic to your blog. 

Thrive Suite Review - Thrive Quiz Builder

Using Thrive Quiz builder you can use quizzes as surveys to gather more information about your audience. This tool can be used in your WordPress dashboard. Furthermore, this is an added advantage because you don’t need to write any code to use it. This saves you time and helps you focus more on making your quiz better.

Benefits of Thrive Quiz Builder

  • Build Complex Quizzes With Zero Coding
  • Multiple Quiz types like Number (displays the final result of the quiz as a number), Percentage (displays the final result of the quiz as a percentage), Personality (displays the final result of the quiz as a category e.g. “Which Harry Potter Character Are You?” quiz would tell you “You’re Dobby The House Elf”), Right/Wrong (displays the final result of the quiz as a number of correct answers), Surveys (Here the results page contains the same content for everyone) 
  • Power analytics help you to track the results of quizzes over time, see where users are dropping off, get social share stats, and much more
  • Ability to create fully customizable and engaging social sharing badges
  • Ability to conduct powerful A/B split testing
  • Mobile-friendly mobile quiz templates

Things I Dislike About Thrive Quiz Builder:

  • It has a limited number of quiz styles 

Explore Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Apprentice is a tool that helps to build professional online courses. If you are looking to start offering online courses Thrive Apprentice will make your job very easy. This plugin makes it easy to organize and display digital courses on your WordPress website.

thrive suite review - Thrive Apprentice

To create a course you just need to follow the step-by-step setup process to create awesome online course lessons, chapters, and modules. All this without the need for any web developer.

For your audience be it subscribers, students, or customers. The Thrive Apprentice learning environments are very easy to use, visually engaging, and professional.

You can use any combination of text, images, design elements, and video to teach entire online courses with absolute ease and clarity for your audience. Furthermore, you can use tables, styled lists, and multiple media formats to get your points across in a lesson.

Thrive Apprentice supports other WordPress themes and has integration options with most of the membership website plugins. If you want to create a free online course to build your list or a paid course for your audience, this tool is an excellent option for you.

Thrive Apprentice Review – Advantages

  • Easy to create and design online courses without the need for a developer
  • A cost-effective solution as there is no need for a subscription
  • Course delivery has no transaction fee associated
  • Full control is given for online course creation and marketing
  • Easy to manage user interface
  • Thrive Apprentice sidebar widget gives your students quick navigation access to all Modules, Chapters, and Lessons within a given course.
  • Integration with SendOwl helps to turn your online courses into premium membership products

Thrive Apprentice Review – Disdvantages

  • Does not comes with payment and membership features. You need to hook it up with some shopping cart solution and also a membership plugin to consider it as a complete LMS (Learning Management System)
  • There are no gamification options. It would be nice to have to keep the students active

Explore Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Comments

If you are running a WordPress blog you can increase user engagement on it using comments. Furthermore, it also helps to boost your SEO efforts. The default WordPress comments lack the option to boost engagement. However, with Thrive Comments you can have options like upvotes, shares, etc.

Thrive Comments

The Thrive Comments plugin replaces the default WordPress comments system. This plugin unlocks comments which can be upvoted, shared on social media, and so on.

For instance, when any blog reader posts comments you can provide them a call to action to share the blog post or subscribe to your email list. Furthermore, using this tool you can leverage comments on your website into a new and powerful marketing tool.

Thrive Comments Review – Advantages

  • You can add badges for commenting achievements to encourage more site engagement
  • It is reasonably priced and offers great values
  • Thrive Comments help to generate more leads
  • Enable up-vote and/or down-vote comments to boost engagement
  • Featured comments help you to put the best comments at the top of the comments feed
  • Users can share comments from your posts on Twitter, Facebook, or by URLs. Furthermore, you can also ask them to share the articles after commenting
  • You can choose where to display Thrive Comments on your website
  • Even after you remove this plugin from your website, the comments will still remain
  • Visitors can sort comments by oldest first, newest first, and top-rated

Thrive Comments Review – Disdvantages

  • The comment form has very few styling options

Explore Thrive Comments

Thrive Ovation

Thrive Ovation is a plugin that manages testimonials that help you showcase social proof. Customer testimonials that are gathered from customers who have bought your product/service play an important role to persuade your prospects. 

This plugin is designed to collect testimonials from various sources and display them on your website. These testimonials are showcased in an attractive way which helps to boost your conversions.

Thrive Ovation

You may ask, why on earth do I need testimonials for my website? The answer to this query is worth considering. Social proof is an important part of marketing. If you show testimonials for your products from your customers, it will add as social proof. This will add the trust element to your prospects and they will be more willing to buy your products or services.

Testimonials are like votes for your products from your happy customers. Undoubtedly, you must think of gathering them. Now, gathering testimonials is a painful and time-consuming job. This is where Thrive Ovation jumps in and makes your job easy to get testimonials from your customers like a breeze.

Biggest Benefits of Thrive Ovation: 

  • Thrive Ovation is a simple tool to collect, manage and showcase testimonials on your website
  • It can turn your WordPress comments into testimonials
  • Options to import testimonials via social media
  • Pricing is affordable with lifetime updates without paying any renewal price
  • Collect testimonials using testimonial-gathering landing pages, blog posts, or opt-in forms
  • Insert testimonials anywhere on your website for example landing page, about page, sales page, blog post, opt-in forms, or in your sidebar
  • Thrive Ovation comes with a library of grids, sliders, or stand-alone templates. All of them have been designed to give your testimonials a trustworthy and awesome look

Things I Dislike About Thrive Ovation: 

  • All is good in this plugin.

Explore Thrive Ovation

Thrive Optimize

If you are running a campaign with a landing page or a sign-up form. Which design you must choose from? Here comes the importance of having A/B tests. A/B tests or split tests are a marketing method to test two versions of the same design with a change in any of the design elements. This change can be in the call-to-action text or page headline etc.

Thrive Optimize is a tool that helps you to run A/B tests on your website and test which variation works best for you. Furthermore, this helps to take the actionable decisions of choosing a design based on data rather than intuition.  

Thrive Optimize

With Thrive Optimize you can track conversions to see which page does best. This helps you to choose the winning page as your main version. You can continue to change elements and keep on improving your page design. A majority of us don’t do A/B tests and it is the main reason why our conversions hit a low most of the time.

This plugin is lightweight and conversions focussed and made for marketers and businesses who want to boost conversions on their websites. Furthermore, you can see reports on the best-performing pages on your website within this tool.

Thrive Optimize Review – Advantages

  • Easily create A/B tests for your landing pages built using Thrive Architect
  • Run unlimited A/B tests simultaneously
  • Choose your conversions goal as visits or revenue
  • Distribute traffic between your test variation evenly or as per your own ratios
  • Let Thrive Optimize choose the winner automatically
  • Pay once for this plugin and enjoy lifetime updates
  • See all the details about how your tests are performing, statistical significance, and more

Thrive Optimize Review – Disdvantages

  • You need Thrive Architect page builder to use this plugin
  • This plugin only works on the WordPress website

Explore Thrive Optimize

Thrive Automator

This helps to create smart automation that can integrate with your WordPress website plugins and email marketing tools. Thrive Automator can connect with your plugins and pass data about quiz takers, customers, students, and much more. This helps to boost conversions and create a seamless experience for your website audience.

Thrive Automator Review – Advantages

  • Helps to build an automation that adds new customers to your email list as soon as their WooCommerce order has been completed
  • Let you match each blog commenter with their subscriber profile on your email marketing service. This helps to tag customers to target later with an exclusive course, workshop, or special offers and even you can ask them for a great testimonial 

Explore Thrive Automator

Thrive Suite Review – Other Products

In this Thrive Suite Review, I have mentioned the top products of Thrive Suite that are focused on marketers who want to boost their sales and increase return on investment (ROI) using these tools.

Thrive Suite plugins are lightweight and can be easily integrated into WordPress. Each of these tools is focused on boosting conversions. This is why I recommend Thrive Suite a lot.

Apart from the key products which Thrive Suite offers, there are a few more products that are worth mentioning from Thrive Suite. Let us take a look at them:

Thrive Headline Optimizer

Writing catchy headlines that drive engagement and clicks is the dream of every digital marketer. Creating such headlines is a difficult task and often we are not able to create such click-worthy headlines. This is where Thrive Headline Optimizer jumps in.

Thrive Headline Optimizer is a tool that helps to create click-worthy headlines to skyrocket the engagement on your website and lower your bounce rate.

Thrive Headline Optimizer Review

It works simply: You write as many headlines as you can think of for your content. Thrive Headline Optimizer gives you a template to make this as easy as possible. You just need to start the test and this tool will select the winning headline for your article, based on the headlines shown to different users when they visit your website.

Thrive Headline Optimizer is highly recommended if you are running a high-traffic website. This will work very effectively in the case of a news website where headlines play a key role in engagement and clicks.

Explore Thrive Headline Optimizer

Thrive Clever Widgets

Thrive Clever Widgets help you to show highly relevant content in your widget areas. This plugin allows you to display widgets contextually on your blog based on the conditions you add. You can display different widgets for different posts and vary them by tags, categories, etc. This plugin is already part of the Thrive theme Membership package.

As there are various free alternatives for this plugin, this plugin may not be of value to you. However, if you have the Thrive Suite Membership you can give it a try.

Explore Thrive Clever Widgets

Thrive Suite Vs Competitors

In this Thrive Suite Review, it is now time to discuss some of the main competitors of Thrive Suite. Each of them has its own set of unique features.

I’m going to compare Thrive Suite with some of its competitors like:

  • Divi Builder (Elegant Themes)
  • ClickFunnels
  • Leadpages
  • Elementor

Thrive Suite Vs Divi Builder (Elegant Themes)

Elegant Themes is one of the main competitors of Thrive Suite. Two of the Elegant Themes products which offer competition are The Divi Builder which is a professionally designed page builder and comes with premium features.

Surely, the Divi Builder is good in a lot of areas and comes along with a lot of interesting features. However, it is not that easy to use as the Thrive Architect in my opinion.

The other product, Bloom is an opt-in-form plugin that is somewhat similar to Thrive Leads. But in terms of flexibility and customization options, Thrive Suite is better than it.

Elegant Themes have a yearly membership plan for $89/year as compared to Thrive Theme’s $228/year membership. However, with this pricing Thrive Suite membership offers you a lot more products than Elegant Themes like quiz builder, A/B testing tools, course builder, etc.

Thrive Suite Vs OptimizePress

Thrive Suite and OptimizePress have some similarities. In comparison, Thrive Suite offers you a lot more plugins to use while OptimizePres only offers one.

OptimizePress is for users who want to create a great-looking website. Thrive Suite is more focused on marketers who want to increase sales/conversions.

OptimizePress comes with a lot of templates and the product helps you to sell anything like digital products to seminars and much more.

Thrive Suite Vs Elementor

Elementor is very similar to Thrive Architect and Thrive Theme Builder. Elementor is a great tool for building your website. The Elementor Pro versions cost $49/year. This is affordable but with Thrive Suite offering a lot of different products along with its membership, it is a better value deal than Elementor.

If you have Thrive Architect and Thrive Theme Builder combo (this comes with Thrive Suite Membership). It is a great replacement for Elementor.

Thrive Suite Vs ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a tool used to design beautiful sales funnels. It is a cloud-based platform that comes with built-in payment integration. Furthermore, it comes with even email and affiliate marketing in their $297/month plan. With ClickFunnels, you can do one-click upsells.

Furthermore, ClickFunnels has the advantage of being on the cloud and hence being super fast and easy to use. However, Thrive Suite products offer amazing features at an affordable price. This makes it easy for marketers to want an all-in solution at an affordable price.

Here is What You’ll Get with Thrive Suite Membership

  • Access to all the Thrive Suite WordPress plugins
  • Exclusive access to members-only courses, content, and Templates
  • Unlimited support
  • Constant updates & Instant Access to New Templates, Features, and Plugins

Surely, Thrive Suite Membership is definitely worth your investment. This tool will pay you more with all the benefits it has. So, I recommend you go with this membership plan to save money and get more value.

Explore Thrive Suite Membership

Thrive Suite Review – Support

Thrive Suite support team is very active and helpful. You can create support tickets for your queries right from your dashboard. Their support response time is usually 24-48 hours or even less.

You can send them an email to their support email ID. Furthermore, Thrive Suite has a lot of video tutorials and a knowledge base that is very helpful and solves most of your problems.

With the Thrive community, you get access to all those training modules including the Thrive University. So, Thrive Suite support is good, however, I feel they should add a live chat support option to get quick support.

Thrive Suite Review – Wrapping Up

Thrive Suite is a great choice for creating a conversion-friendly WordPress website. It is built for marketers who want to increase conversions on their websites. It is equally useful for every other kind of website because every website at least wants to boost engagement and this product will help them to achieve this.

As we have reached the end of this Thrive Suite review, I hope you have understood everything about Thrive Suite with its products, support, pricing, and every other detail to determine if Thrive Suite products are the right fit for you or not.

I recommend you get the Thrive Suite Membership. It is a smart buy as you get access to all of the Thrive Suite products under one membership. However, if you want to get individual products by paying a one-time fee this can also be a good choice depending on your specific needs.

With Thrive suite tools you will be able to build beautiful and highly converting websites. The best part is you don’t need to learn coding for all this. Furthermore, Thrive Suite tools are integrated with each other. So, you can quickly and easily implement value-based actionable content on your WordPress website.

With Thrive Suite and the awesome products that come along with their membership. You can create an excellent WordPress website that drives more conversions and engagement.

Explore Thrive Suite Membership

Thrive Suite Review – Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get with Thrive Suite membership?

With the Thrive Suite Membership, you get access to:
1. Access to all the Thrive Suite WordPress plugins
2. Exclusive access to members-only courses, content, and Templates
3. Unlimited support
4. Constant updates & Instant Access to New Templates, Features, and Plugins

How to install thrive architect in WordPress?

You can install thrive architect in 3 simple steps:
1. Install the Thrive Product Manager from your member dashboard
2. In the Thrive Product Manager, look for Thrive Architect in the “Plugins” section and make sure to check the “Install product” option under it
3. Now click on the “install selected products” from the bottom-center part of the page. Now Thrive Architect will get installed and activated at the same time. Once it is completed you will see the “Ready to use” status next to it.

What is the Thrive Suite Refund Policy?

All products purchased from Thrive Suite have a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

I hope you found this Thrive Suite Review useful.


Ease of Use
Value for Money
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thrive-suite-reviewThrive themes have all the tools to build your WordPress website quickly. Features like drag and drop builder - Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, Thrive Quiz builder are really useful. Thrive themes are easy to use with excellent customer support. Thrive theme membership is a real value for money where you will get the full Suite of Thrive Themes WordPress Plugins and constant updates.


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