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Thrive Suite offers a lot of products that are useful for marketing. In this Thrive Quiz Builder Review, I will help you to evaluate this Thrive Suite product.

You will see how Thrive Quiz Builder helps you to easily create beautiful and complex quizzes, to engage and grab the attention of your visitors without the need to learn any type of coding or work photoshop.

Quizzes are an effective way to engage your visitors and collect responses and lots of traffic and shares. But did you know that you can create quizzes to learn more about your audience and grow your email list at the same time? All this can be done using this WordPress plugin called Thrive Quiz Builder.

In this Thrive Quiz Builder Review let us see how it helps you to increase your email list, and social shares and provides you with data to grow your business. You can get access to Thrive Quiz Builder as part of your Thrive Suite membership.

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What is Thrive Quiz Builder?

Thrive Quiz Builder is a tool from Thrive Suite that helps you create stunning quizzes in seconds that took hours to code. This makes quiz development easy and quick. All you need to do is focus on the quiz content. You can add multiple layers to the quiz without worrying about the plugin collapsing under the weight.

Thrive Quiz Builder offers much more than a quiz builder. Apart from quiz creation it also gathers data and helps you to guide your visitors through your sales funnel. This means as people complete the quizzes the key audience insights are also gathered side by side. This saves time on analytics.

With all that Thrive Quiz Builder offers. Does it offer all the features that can make it a good choice for you? Let’s look at the key features of this tool.

Thrive Quiz Builder Review

Create Stunning Quizzes Without Coding

With Thrive Quiz Builder you can not only create complex quizzes. Along with this, you can see how your quiz looks and how it flows in the quiz builder interface.

thrive quiz builder

Things you can do are:

  • Create quizzes with branches where you can ask different questions based on the previous answer
  • See your questions, answers, and flow as you create your quiz
  • Questions can be images or text
  • Step by Step quiz creation wizard helps you to complete all the quiz creation steps without forgetting anything
  • If something is missing or stops working the troubleshooter helps you quickly fix the problem by alerting you

Ease of Integration

Integrating the tool with your WordPress website is extremely easy. You will get a piece of the shortcode that just needs to be pasted into the area of your website where you want the quiz to appear.

Getting all this done is super easy as, throughout the plugin interface, you’ll find tutorial videos that explain how to use it. 

Create Quizzes That Are Worth Sharing

People who see your quizzes want something that makes them worth sharing.

thrive themes quiz builder

Thrive Quiz Builder has a built-in badge creator that helps you to:

  • Create badges that people want to share
  • Move elements anywhere easily without worrying about padding, CSS, and margins
  • Resize and upload images, add formatted text, and set background color and opacity to get the exact look you want
  • Badges are optimized for social media. If you choose Facebook the badge will be optimized for Facebook. These social media shares drive traffic to your websites. People take your quizzes, win a badge, and share it on social media

Additional Quiz Features

With Thrive Quiz Builder you can gather insights easily using a quiz to let your online store visitors decide what they need engagingly. As people navigate through your quiz, Thrive Quiz Builder collects all the useful data and compiles it into detailed reports.

These reports help you know how people are interacting with the quizzes, their answers, and the number of people participating in the quiz.

This data can be easily used to gather ideas for new blog posts or products to offer your audience. Without this gathering, such data was a painful process.

You need to go to forums, ask your subscribers to fill out a survey, get on a customer development call with you, and much more. Along with this, the plugin offers social sharing buttons that allow people to share your quiz with a single click. You can install an opt-in gate which is a small form requesting customer details.

This opt-in gate can be placed in front of the quiz and makes your quiz a lead-generation tool. All this you can do with no coding knowledge.

A/B Test to Increase Quiz Conversions

Thrive Quiz Builder offers an awesome feature that is much needed in today’s marketing world. It offers an A/B testing feature using which you can increase quiz conversions.

You can A/B test the splash pages (helps to find out the best layout to get more people to start the quiz), opt-in forms, or opt-in gates (this allows you to get higher opt-in conversion rates and grow your lists quicker), the results page (helps to increase social shares).

The most useful feature that this plugin offers is you can automate this process. Once you have created the A/B test you can put it on autopilot and let the plugin automatically choose the highest converting designs.

Thrive Quiz Builder Pros

Let’s talk about the pros of this plugin. This plugin offers a lot of useful features some of the best ones are below:

  • 4 quiz types include – 1. Number – Shows the final result of the quiz as a number; 2. Percentage – Shows the final result of the quiz as a percentage; 3. Personality – Shows the final result of the quiz as a category; 4. Right/Wrong – Shows the final result of the quiz as the number of correct answers
  • Very powerful analytics using which you can see results across any interval (daily, weekly, monthly, total), number of people starting and finishing the quiz, social sharing stats, and much more
  • Multiple quiz templates to save your time
  • A/B testing to optimize quizzes for performance
  • Very reasonable pricing
  • Badge editor to create engaging social sharing badges for different social networks
  • Easy Quiz Builder
  • Question Weighting to make scoring more accurate based on the answer
  • Opt-in gates to decide where participant enters the information after taking the quiz
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Mobile friendly quizzes
  • The quiz setup wizard guides you so that you can build complex quizzes without forgetting anything in between

Thrive Quiz Builder Cons

Like every tool, this plugin has a few cons as well. Let us look at them below:

  • There are only 4 quiz types. A few more would be much better
  • Works only for WordPress. You can’t use it to design or embed quizzes on any of the social media platforms. You need to create the quiz on your website and then share it with other channels

Check Out Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder Review – Pricing

You can get Thrive Quiz Builder with Thrive Suite. With a Thrive Suite membership you get access to:

  1. Thrive Theme Builder – Helps to create your Conversion Focused WordPress website using pre-made companion themes. This does not require any coding knowledge and you can design your website using a 100% front-end visual theme builder
  2. Thrive Architect – Provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor that helps to create conversion focussed impressive landing pages, website pages, and blog posts in WordPress
  3. Thrive Quiz Builder – Boosts website engagement by creating quizzes
  4. Thrive Apprentice – This helps to create online courses. You can also sell premium courses to increase your revenue
  5. Thrive Leads – Helps to easily build any type of lead generation form using opt-in form templates
  6. Thrive Ovation – Helps you to collect and publish testimonials for social proof
  7. Thrive Comments – Helps in building an interactive and engaged community by making commenting engaging and fun
  8. Thrive Optimize – Allows to build A/B tests for landing pages using a WordPress dashboard
  9. Thrive Ultimatum – A tool to create dynamic countdown timers for your website. This also helps to use a system to offer discounts to new subscribers or existing list members.
  10. Thrive Automator –  You can build smart automation to create workflows to pass data between different services, plugins, and apps.

Check Out Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder Review – Final Thoughts

Thrive Quiz Builder is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin. This helps you to create stunning quizzes using a simple setup wizard. Its powerful features help you to create high-quality quizzes, boost traffic to your website, increase social media shares, add more subscribers to email lists, and improve audience engagement on your website.

Adding to this Thrive Suite provides excellent training and support to help you easily understand how to make the best use of this plugin. Finally, I would say if you are looking to create stunning quizzes on your website, engage your website visitors, and increase email subscribers then you should try this plugin. You can get access to Thrive Quiz Builder as part of Thrive Suite membership

Check Out Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder Review – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of answers that I can add to my quiz?

No, there is no such limit

What training is offered for Thrive Quiz Builder?

While using the plugin you will get access to tutorial videos that explain exactly how to use the plugin. They also have a good knowledge base with tutorials and webinars that help you to use this plugin.

I hope this Thrive Quiz Builder Review helped you to decide on this tool. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below.

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thrive-quiz-builder-reviewThrive Quiz Builder is a WordPress plugin to create stunning quizzes in seconds that took hours to code. It is very easy to use with amazing features like A/B test, setup wizard, badge creator, powerful analytics, etc. It is a must-have tool for Quiz creation for your WordPress website.


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