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In this Thrive Ovation Review let us take a look at what makes Thrive Ovation the best WordPress testimonial plugin for your website.

What is Thrive Ovation?

Thrive Ovation is an all-in-one testimonial management plugin for WordPress. It allows you to use the power of testimonials on your website. You will be able to collect, manage, and display testimonials from within your website and display them with the click of a button using the Thrive Ovation plugin.

Social proof is an important part of any online business. Testimonials are a great form of social proof. In advertising and promotion testimonials consists of a person’s written or spoken statement praising enthusiastically the value of a product or service.

Testimonials from your happy clients provide credibility to your brand, strengthen your reputation, and show your future clients that you are an expert in your industry.

You can get access to Thrive Quiz Builder as part of Thrive Suite Membership.

Thrive Ovation has three main features that can help you:

  • Gather Testimonials – Gather testimonials in the easiest possible way for your website
  • Manage testimonials – Save time in managing the collected testimonials in one place
  • Display testimonials – Display your gathered testimonials anywhere on your website using fully customizable, professionally designed templates

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Do you need the Thrive Ovation Plugin?

Every business be it small or big needs to hear from their customers to improve their services or products. Let me ask you a simple question. What is the first thing you do while buying anything online? Did you look at the reviews? Read the testimonials? Just like you are in this article reading about Thrive Ovation Review.

If you are on the sales page of a product you read its features, benefits, etc. Then most often you go back and look for its reviews or testimonials before clicking on the buy button.

We need some form of confidence before we buy a new service or product. Does this product work? Is it worth my time? Will it work in my industry? Is it worth the price? Is this a scam? Testimonials are a powerful tool that can help answer all these questions and close the sale.

They provide the social proof you need. They answer the most important questions which come to your mind while buying anything online. “Will this product/service work in my particular situation?”.

If you have a WordPress website. You must use testimonials. They boost your selling power and help you gain more sales/leads. You can install it on your WordPress website hosted on any web or WordPress hosting service and make use of its superb features.

Although, there are many plugins available that allow you to show testimonials. Finding the right plugin is a pain. Thrive Ovation offers everything you need to create testimonials on your WordPress website. In this Thrive Ovation review let us see how it helps you to use the power of testimonials on your WordPress website.

Thrive Ovation Review – Key Features

Transform WordPress Comments into Powerful Testimonials

Often you have comments on your WordPress website which you can use as a testimonial. Without the Thrive Ovation plugin, it was difficult to use this as a testimonial. Now you just need to click a button and it will be saved in your testimonial library.

As you can see in the image below you have a “Save as Testimonial” button on the right side of the comments screen below. This is what you need to click to make these comments as testimonials.

Thrive Ovation Review

Thrive Ovation on autopilot mode grabs all the important information like name, picture, WordPress comments content. Now this WordPress comment is ready to be added as a testimonial on your sales page or any place you want it to display on your website.

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Use Social Testimonials

Social Media is a great channel to collect testimonials. Many times we see that our clients leave comments on social media channels that show their feedback after using our product or service.

Thrive Ovation Plugin Review

This is an excellent opportunity to use these social media comments as testimonials on your website. You can import these testimonials from social media as you can see in the image above by clicking on the import button. Thrive Ovation integrates with Facebook and Twitter to import these testimonials to your website.

With the Thrive Ovation plugin, you can use these social media mentions as powerful testimonials on your website. This is wonderful as most of the time we are not able to use these social media comments/mentions as testimonials for our website.

Gather Testimonials on Auto-Pilot

Gathering testimonials manually is a painful process. The manual process requires you to email a customer and ask them to write a few good words if they are happy with your product/service. Even when you receive such testimonials via email from customers. You need to copy and format them to use on your website.

Thrive Ovation plugin comes to our rescue here. Using it we can automate the complete testimonials gathering process. In Thrive Ovation you can automate the complete process by creating dedicated testimonial gathering landing pages, blog posts, or opt-in forms.

You get a templated form that can be placed anywhere on your website. Thrive Ovation plugin offers three templates that can be customized as per your needs. For example, adding extra boxes for specific questions or adjusting form size.

thrive ovation gathering testimonials

This works in the same as a contact form. You can send an automated message to your customer asking them for their feedback. Once a customer fills the form you get their testimonials automatically. Now you just need to approve or disapprove to use it on your website.

If you have Thrive Leads which comes along with the Thrive Suite Membership. You can integrate this form into the opt-in forms you have created using Thrive Leads to capture email ID and other details for your newsletters.

Using Thrive Leads and Thrive Ovation you can create forms to capture testimonials. You can focus on the feedback the customer wants to provide on the form. Any of the methods make this testimonial gathering process on auto-pilot.

Time-Saving Testimonial Management

With Thrive Ovation it is super easy to manage testimonials. WordPress comments, social media, user-submitted, and imported testimonials are managed in a single testimonial library.

thrive themes Time-Saving Testimonial Management

On the dashboard, you can see which testimonials are waiting for approval, rejected, ready for display, or missing with a photo. You can add tags to the testimonials to filter and find them easily based on your needs within seconds.

thrive ovation testimonial

One of the most important features of Thrive Ovation is sending an approval email to your customers before displaying them on your website. This will ensure that you have the right to use these testimonials on your website as they are client-approved.

ovation testimonial approval

Display Impressive Testimonials

Thrive Ovation Plugin allows you to insert testimonials anywhere using shortcodes. This enables you to add testimonials anywhere on your website like landing pages, opt-in forms, blog posts, sales pages, etc. The most powerful feature of this plugin is to use of tags to display dynamic testimonials.

display impressive testimonials

Thrive Ovation Plugin has templates, sliders, and grids to make impressive testimonials. You can change the color scheme, choose testimonial quantity and do many other things

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Thrive Ovation Review – Pricing

You can get access to Thrive Quiz Builder as part of Thrive Suite Membership. The Thrive Suite gives you access to all Thrive Suite key products in a single monthly membership plan. Learn more in this Thrive Suite Review.

Thrive Ovation Pros and Cons

Easy and multiple options for testimonials gatheringUsers need to display shortcodes in a text/HTML widget to display testimonials in a sidebar. There is no testimonial widget.
Highly customizable testimonials options
Manage testimonials from a single dashboard
Mobile-friendly design
Display testimonials on any part of your website
Social media integration with many popular platforms
Easy testimonials approval process. You can send an email to the customer asking for approval to display the testimonial

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Thrive Ovation Review – Conclusion

Thrive Ovation is one of the best complete testimonials plugins available in the market. This plugin is magical and it automates the entire painful testimonials gathering process. You can collect testimonials from social media, blog comments, and various other sources.

You get the power to customize the collected testimonials using a predesigned template to suit your needs. These ensure that the testimonials look impressive to someone who is viewing them.

The ability to display testimonials using shortcodes enables you to display them at any part of your website without hassle. With its simple pricing structure, you get the plugin for lifetime updates by paying a one-time fee and this makes it an affordable choice.

You can get access to Thrive Quiz Builder as part of Thrive Suite Membership. Thrive Suite has done the hard work for you to use the power of testimonials on your website. I highly recommend Thrive Ovation to anyone who wants to display testimonials on their website.

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Thrive Ovation – Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Thrive Ovation different from other testimonials plugins?

Other testimonials plugins mostly focus on one thing which is displaying the testimonials on your website. Thrive Ovation on the other hand makes it easy for you to collect, customize, manage, and display testimonials on your website.

Will I get support after I buy Thrive Ovation plugin?

Yes, Thrive Suite offer excellent support from their active support team. Your purchase of this plugin includes one full year of support. After that, you can extend support for another year, for a small fee.

Will I get more conversions with Thrive Ovation on my website?

Yes, in your business you deal with people. They all look for testimonials before they buy any of your products or services. Thrive Ovation makes it very easy to display testimonials on your website. People see these testimonials and convert to your website more. Hence Thrive Ovation helps to increase conversions to your website.

I hope this Thrive Ovation Review helped you to decide on this plugin. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below.

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thrive-ovation-reviewThrive Ovation is one of the best complete testimonials plugin available in the market. This plugin automates the entire testimonials gathering process. You can collect testimonials from social media, blog comments, and various other sources. Pricing is also affordable with a one-time payment and lifetime updates.


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