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Are you looking to boost your organic search traffic? Is your site having some problems but you are not known to them? All these questions can be answered by running a site audit. In this SEMrush site audit tool tutorial, we will learn how to use SEMrush to find and fix problems with our site.

SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO tool for bloggers, marketers, and anyone looking to increase organic search traffic to a website. It is a combination of multiple tools. If you want to learn how to use SEMrush you can check out my SEMrush Tutorial.

SEMrush Site Audit Tool is included in the SEMrush package. This tool audits your site/website and returns a report showcasing the health of your site. It crawls your site, finds problems, and delivers a checklist of the errors you can fix to make your website healthy and boost its SEO and organic search traffic.

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What is SEO Site Audit?

If you want to improve your SEO and get increase traffic to your website. Then SEO site audit is something you should run for your blog or website.

SEO site audit is done to:

  • Find problems in a website like duplicate content, missing image alt tags, broken links, and other SEO problems
  • Fix these problems to improve SEO and get more search traffic to your website

SEMrush site audit tool crawls your entire website or the pages to ask it to crawl and detects technical SEO problems which are hard to detect manually. This is a very helpful tool to find and fix SEO problems in your website quickly.

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How SEO Audit can Help?

If you are running a blog or a website you might be struggling to get organic search traffic. This is the point you should run a SEO site audit to identify and fix technical SEO problems on your website.

SEMrush helps in site audit by finding problems in your website like duplicate content, missing or long title, meta descriptions, missing image alt tags, broken links, and much more.

This will give you a report of what needs to be fixed on your website so that search engines find your content and rank them as per the search query.

This process starts with you just entering your website URL into the SEMrush site audit tool. This tool then crawls your entire website and provides a report with the problems on your website. You can also schedule a weekly report to find and fix issues on your website with time.

Let’s take a deep dive into this SEMrush site audit tool tutorial. This will help you to learn how to use the SEMrush site audit tool to find and fix SEO problems on your website or blog. This will help you to rank higher on search engines and get more traffic and conversions.

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Before learning site audit using SEMrush. You need to have the tool with you. Let me quickly tell you how to get access to Semrush Pro account which is worth $119.95. Just follow the steps below:

Activate the 14-day SEMrush Pro free trial, by clicking on the link below:

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You will land on the page which looks like below:

semrush free trial

Just click on the button which has “Start your FREE 14-day PRO trial!” written. You will be taken to a page below. Just enter your email Id and choose a password to create your SEMrush account.

semrush pro free trial

Now, on next page just enter your billing information. You’ll get a 14 days free trial of Semrush Pro here.

semrush free trial

Now, your SEMrush Pro free trial will be activated and you can enjoy using this tool for free. If you are satisfied with this tool you can choose to subscribe to the monthly or yearly subscription.

Step-By-Step SEMrush Site Audit Tool Tutorial

Step 1: Create a Project

The first step to start the SEMrush Site audit is to set up a project in the SEMrush tool. Projects provide you recommendations based on your entered domain on how to improve your SEO and track it over time.

To add a new project log in to your SEMrush account and click on ‘Add new Project’ as you can see in the image below:

semrush project

Once you click on it, you will see a box-like below. As you can see in the image below, I have entered my domain – achaltomat.com and provided a name for the project ‘Achal Tomar Website’ to it.

semrush project creation

After you enter this information click on ‘Create project’ button and now you will a page like below:

SEMrush tool

Step 2: Start Site Audit Using SEMrush

Now, you need to click on the first tab which says ‘Site Audit Site Health’ in the image above. This will lead you to the page below. On this page, you need to click on the button ‘Set up’ in the first tab which says: ‘Site Audit’.

SEMRush Site Audit

Post this, you will see a pop-up like the below image which will show the site audit settings.

SEMrush Site Audit Tool

You can leave the default option and click on ‘Start Site Audit’. If your website has more than 100 pages then you can also select more pages from the ‘Limit of checked pages’ option. In the crawl scope, you can select not to Crawl all subdomains by unchecking that option.

To make this easy just click on ‘Start Site Audit’ and leave all options as it is. I have, however, selected now to track subdomains because I have don’t have them on my website.

Now, you will see that SEMrush has started your site audit process and you will the page below once the SEMrush site audit is complete. This will take some time to wait for it to complete. Once completed you will see the status below.

SEMrush Site Audit Tool

The site audit shows my Site Health = 89% and Pages will issues = 63. Click on the ‘Site Audit’ tab and you will see the detailed site audit results as below.

SEMrush Site Audit Tool

As you can see the site health score for my website achaltomar.com is 89%. Site health score is determined by SEMrush taking into account multiple factors like pages with issues, broken pages, pages blocked by crawler, warnings and notices from the crawler.

A higher site health score means your website is doing good in SEO. Post site audit completed I have 4 errors, 316 warnings, and 439 notices which I can fix now.

What I recommend is to download the PDF versions of this report. This helps you to send it to your SEO team or developers who can fix them. To download your SEMrush site audit report click on the PDF button as pointed by the arrow in the image below.

You will see a pop-up box as below:

semrush site audit tool

Now, select the report you want to download. By choosing the ‘Full Site Audit Report’ as below:

SEMrush site audit report

Click on ‘Export to PDF’ and your report will be downloaded to your computer. You will also get an email with this report to the email ID you enter.

You will also get a weekly report if this report is updated every week. You can untick this box if you don’t want this SEMrush site audit report to run every week. This PDF report looks like the one below for my website.

SEMrush Site Audit report

This is it, you now have your SEMrush Site Audit report as a PDF. This completed your site audit process using the SEMrush Site Audit tool. Let us look at what to look at in this report.

How to Use SEMrush Site Audit Tool Report

The first thing you will notice in the PDF report is the errors, notices, and warnings. As you scroll down in the PDF report you will see each of them as below.

As per the SEMrush site audit PDF report problems with my site are:

Errors: 4

SEMrush Site Audit
  • 4 issues with mixed content

Warnings: 316

SEMrush Site Audit
  • 120 images don’t have alt attributes
  • 110 outgoing internal links contain nofollow attribute
  • 37 pages have a low text-HTML ratio
  • 18 pages don’t have meta descriptions
  • 17 pages have a low word count
  • 10 pages have duplicate H1 and title tags
  • 4 pages don’t have enough text within the title tags

Notices: 439

SEMrush Site Audit
  • 125 URLs with a permanent redirect
  • 102 outgoing external links contain nofollow attributes
  • 83 links on this page have non-descriptive anchor text
  • 60 issues with blocked external resources in robots.txt
  • 29 pages are blocked from crawling
  • 21 links on this page have no anchor text
  • 16 pages have only one incoming internal link
  • 2 subdomains don’t support HSTS
  • 1 page has more than one H1 tag

How To Find and Fix Errors, Warnings and Notices From SEMrush Site Audit Report

Fix Errors: 4 issues with mixed content – SEMrush tells that If your website contains any elements that are not secured with HTTPS, this may lead to security issues. So, to fix this Replace all HTTP links with the new HTTPS versions. You can see the explanation by SEMrush below:

SEMrush Site Audit

If you scroll down in the SEMrush Site Audit report PDF you will see the pages and links due to which this error is happening as below:

When I click on the 1st ‘Resource URL’ it takes me to the image below. As we can see this opens in a not secure link. As my site is on hhtps I need to fix this problem.


Now, to fix this I will download this image on my computer. Open the link where the errors are found which is: https://www.achaltomar.com/how-to-install-and-configure-google-tag-manager-in-wordpress/

I will replace the downloaded image with the previous image as below:

SEMrush Site Audit Tool Tutorial

Now, the new image will not have this error as it is uploaded in the HTTPS link here: Link to the new image. Similarly, I will change all other images which are not on the HTTPS link by downloading and replacing them.

So, by doing some simple changes in our website. We can find and fix problems and get our site health score improved.

Fix Warnings – Let me look into 1 of the warnings and ways to fix it below:

4 pages don’t have enough text within the title tags – Titles containing 10 characters or less do not provide enough information about what the webpage is about and limit your page’s potential to show up in search results for different keywords. For more information, you can see this Google article. To Fix this: Add more descriptive text inside your title.

As per the report I have found these warnings on pages below:

SEMrush Site Audit Tool Tutorial

To fix this I will add a long title for my pages with errors. This is easy to do if you using WordPress and Yoast SEO tool.

Fix Notices – Let me look into 1 of the notices and ways to fix it below:

29 pages are blocked from crawling – If a page cannot be accessed by search engines, it will never appear in search results. How to fix: Make sure that pages with valuable content are not blocked from crawling by mistake.

As per the report I have found these notices on pages below:

SEMrush Site Audit Tool Tutorial

These are category pages. This means I have not included my categories on my sitemap. To include them I will go to my Yoast dashboard and include them in the sitemap as you can see below:


This will fix this error. My categories will now be included in my website sitemap.

Now, as you can see with SEMrush Site Audit Tool you can fix errors on your website and make it more SEO friendly. There are explanations of errors, notices, and warnings on the report so they are easy to fix. This helps to improve SEO and increase visitors to your website.

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SEMrush Site Audit Tool Tutorial – Conclusion

Doing Site Audits is a great way to improve your website SEO. This helps you to gain more search visibility and increase your website visitors.

The SEMrush Site Audit Tool helps you in saving valuable time by finding problems on your website. This could take a long time if you do it manually.

Once you know what problems your website have you can easily fix them. So, I recommend SEMrush for the site audit. Its powerful site audit features help you find and fix problems related to your website in an easy way.

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SEMrush Site Audit Tool – Frequently Asked Questions

Which issue type reported by the SEMrush site audit tool is most severe?

Errors are the most severe type of issues reported by the SEMrush site audit tool.

What is a website audit report?

A website audit report is a full analysis of the reasons that causes problems in the website visibility on the search engines. This report is used to fix the website errors and improve its SEO.

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