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As per my ShareASale Review, it is an excellent Affiliate Marketplace to make money online. If you have reached this page you might already know a bit about the ShareASale Affiliate program.

ShareASale is one of the most popular affiliate marketplaces in the world. ShareASale can help you make money by promoting products from different companies.

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In this post, I will be doing a ShareASale review. I will tell you about ShareASale Pros and Cons. You will learn everything you need to know about the ShareASale Affiliate program marketplace. This will help you to join this FREE affiliate program and earn money online.

ShareASale Review: What is ShareASale Affiliate Marketplace?

ShareASale part of Awin has been in business for more than 20 years now, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network. They have earned a good reputation among affiliate marketers for their excellent marketplace programs which generate revenue for many affiliate marketers.

They pay you on the time you just need to do is promote the programs you join from the ShareASale marketplace. ShareASale products are from all possible categories you can think of. So if you are a blogger from any niche, you can choose ShareASale to promote their products on your blog.

This article is intended for Affiliate Marketers who wish to join the ShareASale affiliate marketplace and make money. I have done a ShareASale review based on my own experience with them.

On ShareASale, affiliates send a request to join a merchant program. This should be related to products in your niche to get accepted fast. You need to provide your Blog link, niche, or any other required to get accepted to a program.

On this basis, you will get accepted for a program to promote their products. Few merchants can also deny you from getting accepted to their programs. You can write a message to that affiliate program company to know the reason behind the denial. If you run a good blog with a good topic then your chances of getting accepted to the program increase.

You can join ShareASale for FREE ShareASale here: Join ShareASale

ShareASale Review: How does ShareASale Affiliate Marketplace Works?

Before knowing how the ShareASale affiliate marketplace works you need to understand a few terms used in the Affiliate Marketing industry:

  • Affiliate Marketers: This is you and me who join an affiliate program to promote products and earn commissions from the sale
  • Merchants: These are the companies who own the products or services that you as an affiliate marketer want to promote in return for some commissions
  • Affiliate Marketplace: This is the place where an Affiliate Marketer can search and find products to promote. The ShareASale marketplace is full of products from every possible niche so that you can choose from a wide list
  • Affiliate Software: This is the software that hosts an Affiliate marketplace and acts as a bridge between Merchants and Affiliate Marketers. This hosts the Affiliate links, and processes payments for Affiliates. Here ShareASale is the Affiliate Software

So, ShareASale works by acting as a bridge between an Affiliate Marketer and Merchants. This is helpful because not every merchant can find Affiliate Marketers to join their program. Not every affiliate can go to individual companies and ask to join their programs easily. 

On ShareASale there are typically two scenarios in which you are paid money:

  1. Pay Per Sale: This is the most popular method of earning money through Affiliate Marketing. Here you will get paid when you sell a product to a Merchant. Pay Per Sale has usually a higher commission so you can earn more money.
  2. Pay Per Lead: Merchant will pay you based on action on their website. This can be a form fill or a sign-up on the merchant website. you are paid based on conversions. This has lower commissions but can be useful because they have higher conversion rates than Pay Per Sale

How To Sign Up For the ShareASale Affiliate Program?

Shareasale sign-up requirements are very minimal so you can sign up on their website easily. Just follow these steps:

  1. Head over to ShareASale site & Signup for a free account
shareasale sign up requirements

2. Now in Step 2, you need to enter your website/blog. You need to have a blog or website to apply for ShareASale. If you don’t have a blog or website refer to my post on How to Start a Blog and Make Money. Also Once you enter your blog link in step 2 you can proceed with further steps.

Create ShareASale account requirements

3. Now you just after to enter your email address in step 3 as below

Affiliate Account Creation Process

4. In this last step just enter your details as per the form below to complete your sign up on ShareASale

shareasale sign up requirements

Now in the next step, you can enter your payment settings or skip this to do later. Congratulations! Once you complete all these steps you have signed up on ShareASale. You need to click on the email confirmation link once you sign up on ShareASale to confirm your email ID.

Now, it may take 1-2 days for approval of your ShareASale application. Once approved you can log in to the ShareASale dashboard and are ready to apply for ShareASale affiliate programs from the ShareASale marketplace.

What Kind of ShareASale Merchants Should You Promote On Your Blog?

To make money from the ShareASale marketplace you can choose merchants who are matching the niche in which you are blogging or have a business. This is because having a targetted audience focussed on a niche on your blog will better convert.

Depending on your niche you will find programs that pay you a very good share of the sale amount. You can select and apply using the various categories of programs from the ShareASale Affiliate dashboard.

How to apply to programs from the ShareASale Affiliate program Marketplace?

  • Now once you enter into the ShareASale Affiliate dashboard using your email and password. You need to search and apply to merchant programs.
  • Take your mouse to a section in your Dashboard called ‘Merchants’ and click on ‘SEARCH FOR MERCHANTS’
  • Apply to merchant programs based on categories or if you know the merchant name you can search for it and go to their program description
  • Once you have found the merchant program click the ‘Join Program button”. Pro-tip is to apply to 4-5 merchants in your niche so that you can focus on a few programs and focus on promoting them only at the start
  • Now after a few days, you will get an email notifying you of your approval or in worst cases denial of your application
  • Once you got approval, you can start promoting the program

You will get a referral link also called a tracking link once you go to your applied program dashboard. Also, you will get banners to use on your website. If someone clicks on your banner or link and completes a sale/action you will be paid a share of that sale.

ShareASale Review – Pros and Cons

ShareASale Review: Pros

  • Lots of Affiliate programs to choose from – ShareASale has been in the market for quite a long time, so that has lots of affiliate programs from various categories which you can promote and earn money from.
  • A very good reporting interface – ShareASale dashboard is really good and helps you in navigating and applying to the programs very easily.
  • On-time payments – They pay their affiliates on time and this is a great Pros because, in the end, we all want money to earn from the ShareASale affiliate program.

ShareASale Review: Cons

  • Sometimes you will not get a notification when the program is down – One thing people often complain about ShareASale is they don’t sometimes inform the Affiliate that a merchant program has gone offline. This is due to a lack of funds or some other reason). This creates a problem because you will get no commissions for the period in which the affiliate program is down. However, you can always log in to your dashboard to check the same. They are, however, a good company and this may be solved in their further website updates.

How to make money from the ShareASale Affiliate Marketplace?

Now to make money from the ShareASale Affiliate marketplace can follow these steps:

  • You can place these banners on your website
  • You can write useful reviews of the products which you are trying to promote. There are always people searching for product reviews before buying them. Product reviews can drive more conversions with limited traffic because people are at the decision stage on their buyer journey and are more likely to convert to a sale. Just add your text links leading to the product sales page for which you are writing the review
  • You can write a comparison blog comparing product A and B and write your recommendation about which product is a better fit and provide your link to the product
  • You can use social media to get traffic to your website and convert them easily
  • To increase your blog traffic you need to know a bit about SEO. You can learn SEO from my blog post How to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To learn how to do SEO and also Top 10 Important Search Engine Optimization Tips For Your Website so that you can improve your search engine ranking and earn money online through your blog.

ShareASale Review – Conclusion

While ShareASale is not the only Affiliate Marketing Network in the world. But it is worth trying. They have earned their reputation over time and can help you promote a wide range of products from every possible category. Their website is very user-friendly and they pay on time. The best part is ShareASale is free to join to promote the products.

I hope I have done a complete ShareASale Review and explained How To Use ShareASale Affiliate Marketplace & Make Money. If you have queries feel free to comment on this post and ask me. If you still haven’t joined ShareASale then follow my link below:

You can join ShareASale for FREE here: Join ShareASale

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ShareASale safe?

ShareASale part of Awin has been in business for more than 20 years now, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network. They have a good reputation among affiliate marketers. They pay on time and are trusted by lots of merchants and affiliate marketers so they are safe to work with.

Is ShareASale free?

Yes, you can create a free Affiliate account on ShareASale. Once your account is created and approved you can apply to merchant programs for FREE and earn money from them based on actions like sales or lead.

What is the ShareASale power rank?

Power Rank means that a merchant is on the Share a Sale top 100 Power Rank programs. This means that the merchant has met certain criteria as per the ShareASale algorithm that ranks the programs.


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