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SEOwl is an SEO tool that helps you to easily and quickly monitor your website rankings across multiple markets. Its click-to-rank technology means you will find out how well your website ranks on any keyword in less than 30 seconds. In this SEOwl Review, we will check the features of SEowl which are helpful in keyword rank tracking.

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You can use the link below to get a 7 days trial for you to test SEOwl free of charge.

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What is SEOwl?

We all know how important is SEO for a website. If you are doing SEO, sooner or later you need to track keywords that you want to rank for on a regular basis.

A rank tracking tool that can provide you an accurate measurement of your keyword’s ranks on search engines is a much-needed thing. This is where SEOwl comes into play.

SEOwl provides you hands-free SEO monitoring and simplifies your day-to-day SEO operations. It tracks your keyword rankings, monitor your backlinks, and automates your reporting. Let us look at how SEOwl helps us in SEO.

SEOwl Review – How it Works?

Let us see how to use SEOwl for keyword rank tracking:

Step1: Create a FREE SEOwl account using this sign up link

Step 2: You will get an email for a free trial account confirmation. Just activate your account by clicking on the verification link in the email

Step 3: Once you log into your SEOwl dashboard. You will see something like this below

seowl free trial

Step 4: Click on the button on the bottom left corner which says “Add website” and add your website URL as below:

SEOwl keyword tracker

Step 5: Add your website name

Add website name

Step 6: Connect your Google Search Console (Optional)

SEOwl Google Search Console

Step 7: For this tutorial, I have not linked my Google Search Console (If you do not click on the checkbox) you can click on next. However, it is recommended to link Google Search Console. This is simple and you just need to follow on-screen instrcutions

Step 8: My website is not added to SEOwl tool as you can see below:

SEOwl Review

Step 9: Now, you can start a discovery tour and the tool will itself tell you how to use it

Web Interface

Step 10: On clicking the ‘discovery tour’ the tool will guide you step-by-step on how to use it further


Step 11: If you want to track keywords you can add few keywords in the button that says ‘Add keywords’. As you can see below if you link ‘Google Search Console’ you can directly import all the keywords and track their ranks in this tool. Also, you can add your keywords to this tool and measure your ranks.

SEOwl keyword rank tracker

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SEOwl Review: Features that make it a great Keyword Rank Tracker tool

SEOwl Keyword Tracking

SEOwl helps you easily and quickly monitor your rankings across multiple markets. I have entered few keywords into the tool for my website and you can see how clearly we can see the keywords rank reports of them below:

SEOwl Review

You can see the SERP position, positions difference compared to 1 days, 7days ago and much more using SEOwl keyword rank tracker tool

SEOwl Backlink Monitoring

You work hard to build backlinks for your website. What will happen if some of them get removed or no-follow without you noticing. SEOwl daily backlinks monitoring alerts you when a change happens in your entered backlinks so that you can react to that change fast.

You just need to add your backlinks as below and the tool will monitor them on a daily basis:

SEOwl backlink monitoring

Measure SEO Return on Investment

This is a very useful feature. For this, you need to connect your Google Analytics account to your SEOwl account. You can link your search keywords to the revenue that they have generated.

In Google Analytics we see that the organic keywords appear as ‘not provided’. With SEOwl algorithms you can estimate the number of conversions and revenue generated by your keywords.

This is extremely valuable insight if you want to know how much revenue is generated from your keywords from Organic Search.

SEOwl Review – Pros and Cons

Easy to use and setupGood to track your keyword rankings. but for other SEO tasks, you need to use other SEO tools
Backlink monitoring helps to keep track of website backlinks and take actions when there is a change in them
Keyword Rank Tracking helps to track your keywords SERP position in a daily and weekly basis
SEO return on investment reporting helps to identify revenue from Organic Search keywords
SEOwl has a Free 14 Day Trial

SEOwl Coupon

If you are want to purchase a SEOwl subscription you can use my SEOwl coupon code “AFFFPR10” to get a 10% discount on your purchase.

How to apply this SEOwl coupon?

A. You need to go to the SEOwl website using my link here

B. Create a 14 day free trial account

C. When you click on the ‘Upgrade Now’ in your account you will see the SEOwl plans

D. Select any plan and as you can see below

SEOwl Review

E. You will see the checkout page as below when you select any SEOwl plan

SEOwl coupon

F. Apply this coupon code “AFFFPR10″ on checkout to get this 10% discount as you can see below:


As per my SEOwl Review, I can say that SEOwl is an awesome keyword rank tracking SEO tool. With options like Keyword Rank tracking, Backlink Monitoring, SEO Return on Investment report, Fair pricing, Ease of use, and setup. The SEOwl support team is very active and they respond very quickly to my requests, which I have personally experienced.

With all these great features, SEOwl is a must-have tool for your keyword rank tracking needs. The good thing is that SEOwl has a FREE trial so you can actually try the tool for 7 days before you go and buy it. Click on the link below to get the 7 days FREE trial.

Start SEOwl Free Trial

SEOwl Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Does SEOwl have any FREE Trial?

Yes, you can try SEOwl using this 7 days FREE Trial link, and then if you are happy with the services you can upgrade. In the FREE trial, you can use all the features of SEOwl so that you can try it before actually buying the services.

I have covered everything you need to know about SEOwl in this SEOwl Review. I hope you will find this tool useful for your SEO needs.

Ease of Use
Accurate Keyword Tracking
SEO report
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seowl-reviewAs per my SEOwl Review, I can say that SEOwl is an awesome keyword rank tracking SEO tool. With options like backlinks report, SEO return on investment, Ease of use and setup, Excellent Support, SEOwl is a must-have keyword tracking tool for your business.


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