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What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a digital marketing strategy that aims to reach mobile device (smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices) users. The methods used to reach mobile audiences can be websites, email, SMS, social media, and apps. 

Why do I need a mobile marketing strategy?

Mobile is changing the way people engage with brands. These days people spend more time looking at their mobile phones than computers. Mobile is an easy way to connect with people/brands when you are on the go. 

As of February 2019, mobile devices accounted for 48 percent of web page views worldwide, so this is clear that it will increase in the coming time. So if you ignore mobile you are missing nearly 50% of your website traffic. 

Businesses are working hard into reaching these potential customers through mobile advertising. If you are starting a blog or website you need traffic to traffic to it from mobile. To increase traffic to your website from mobile you need to advertise on mobile devices.

Also, you must choose a good theme for your blog, I recommend the Newspaper theme which can be used for any type of website and it is really good. Read my Newspaper WordPress Theme Review to know the features that make it a great WordPress theme.

If you are using WordPress. You can use managed WordPress hosting for your website. As it is an excellent option to choose because they manage WordPress for you and you just need to focus on your blog and leave all security, and management of WordPress to WP Engine. You can read my WP Engine Review to know more about WP Engine.

You can also use cheap WordPress hosting for your blog or website.

Advertising on mobile device users can help you achieve a lot of important goals. Mobile advertising can help you get more phone calls, store visits, and app downloads which are important for your sales.

What do you need for a mobile marketing strategy to be successful?

successful mobile marketing strategy

The first and the most important thing you need is to get your website to be mobile-friendly. With the introduction of mobile-first indexing by Google. It makes it extremely important for SEO as well. 

For a search engine, mobile-friendliness means that:

  • Your website content should fit on the screen of different types of mobile devices
  • The website should load fast
  • There should be no mobile-specific errors
  • Buttons and other text on your website should be big enough so that they can be viewed easily on a small mobile device

Google has provided a free mobile-friendliness tool to help digital marketers improve their website mobile responsiveness.

How to do mobile marketing the right way?

Once you have a responsive website that loads perfectly on mobile devices. It is not time for you to create campaigns to push traffic from mobile users. 

Search Engine marketing for mobile

Search Engine Marketing on mobile devices starts with researching keywords that people usually search on their mobile devices.

Suppose you have a card service shop in Bangalore. People on their laptops might search for keywords like: ‘Thai restaurants near me that deliver’ or ‘Thai restaurants delivery near me. But on a mobile device, they would search on terms like: “thai food near me delivery” and “thai that delivers near me.” (These mobile keywords don’t even mention restaurants!). So we can see that mobile searches are shorter and more in vocal languages than written ones. So you need to pick up keywords that are short and are mostly used on mobile devices.

mobile search engine marketing

How to know what search terms are commonly searched on mobile devices?

You can use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner or Bing’s Keyword Research Tool. They have options to tell you what part of the searches is done from mobile devices.

Check for these keywords and once you find that these are relevant to your business. When you place these keywords in your search campaigns keep in mind to provide a clear call to action like a phone extension or location extension so that the person can either call or location your store. 

You can also make use of SEO keyword monitoring and keyword research like Accuranker and LongTailPro. Check my Accuranker Review and Long Tail Pro Review to know more about these keyword monitoring and keyword research tools for SEO.

How to create search campaigns for mobile?

Any search engine like Google/Bing will allow you to create certain ads as ‘mobile preferred’. This means these ads will only trigger on mobile devices and not on the desktop. 

You can also adjust your bids for mobile and desktop devices using a feature called bid adjustment” to bid a 20% lower price when your ads are appearing on mobile or desktop. You can do this to prioritize a device over the other one which is most converting for you.

Bonus Tip – Make sure your website uses correct spelling and grammar. You can use punctuation checker tools like Grammarly to improve grammar mistakes while writing online.

Explore Grammarly

Display marketing for mobile

Display Ads are meant to attract the attention of people browsing online. Now with so many different types of mobile devices with varying sizes, it becomes really difficult to reach a 1 size fits all approach for a created ad. 

You need to make sure your ad shows well on all the devices. The good news is if you are using the Google ads platform to create your display campaign. You can use the free Google Ad Gallery to create good display ads in all shapes in sizes.

Now you can use targeting on mobile apps. Apps are a huge part of how people spend time on their mobiles. So using app-based targeting will help you reach more potential customers. 

display marketing for mobile

For example: If you own a hotel you can choose to display your ads on travel blogs as well as apps that are dedicated to travel reviews. This way when someone is using that app they can see your Ad which is close to the viewer’s interest and has a high chance of getting clicked. 

Apps have become a huge part of how people spend time on their mobiles. So it’s more important than ever to include mobile apps in your display ad approach.

Keep one thing in mind while creating display Ads for mobile. Your Ad text and images must be big enough to be viewed easily on mobile, otherwise, your mobile Ads will have lower engagement.

Social Media marketing for mobile

social media mobile marketing

Social media as we know is gaining attention day by day. If you ignore this channel you are missing a huge part of your visitors because of the vast size of the audience which is actively using social media every day.

Social media can be used for multiple purposes. For example, you can sell a product, generate leads, increase your brand awareness, etc. 

You can use YouTube and create videos for your blog so that mobile users can watch them. or create the videos you can use software like Camtasia. Check my Camtasia Review to know more about this excellent video creation tool.

Before going to start social media marketing you need to decide on which social media platforms you want to promote your website.

This is important because different social media platforms serve different purposes. For a blog or website which is mostly having articles, nearly all social media platforms can be used. 

Once you choose the platforms you need to create Ads that look good on mobile. People mostly used social media using various apps on their mobile devices. So your message and images should be visible on mobile. Use a clear call to action (CTA) to help people take action on your Ad.

If you have a hotel business in California. You want to raise awareness of your hotel in your area, by utilizing social media marketing campaigns on mobile. 

Now if you choose Facebook as a social media platform to run your Ads. Learn how to run Facebook ads by my Facebook Ads Guide.

Then you can choose your target audience with location California, All Genders, device type as mobile, use CPM as you want to raise your hotel awareness, choose people interested in certain topics like travel so reach relevant people. 

Now it’s time to create your social media campaign ads. To create ads keep the ad copy short and simple. You can also use images to run a carousel ad showcasing your hotel images. Images should be eye catchy and your CTA should invite people to click on your website so that you get traffic. 

To recap, for social media mobile marketing you need to first choose a social media channel, then choose the target audience (choose to target), then decide on the type of Ads you need to create.


In this post, I have discussed mobile marketing. For a successful mobile marketing strategy, you need to have a mobile responsive website. You can run Search, Display, and Social Media campaigns to achieve your goals.


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