When you are working on a blog. One of the biggest challenges you face is finding the right keywords to target. This is where Keyword research comes in and you need to know which keywords you should consider targeting to get the required traffic for your blog or website. This is where Long Tail Pro comes in. In this Long Tail Pro Review, I will list out the features of Long Tail Pro keywords research software which will make your life easier while doing keyword research.

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What is Long Tail Pro?

Keyword research is the starting point for any SEO strategy. With Long Tail Pro you can find keywords that are long-tail. Long-tail keywords are keywords that are more specific and have low traffic. But they are very targetted and have higher conversion rates when used in your content. This is how the LongTailPro interface looks like:

Long Tail Pro Review

As you can see in the image above. You can find all the information related to your keywords including keyword competition, volume, bid, Rank Value, etc. You can also uncover more advanced metrics like Citation Flow, Referring domains, Trust flow. Also, you can copy your competitor’s website URL to check their keyword strategy.

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Long Tail Pro Review – Pros and Cons

What I LikeWhat I don’t Like
1. Get keyword suggestions by just entering a seed keyword1. The Rank Tracking feature allows you to check the keyword ranking of your website on key search terms but there is a limit on the number of keywords you can track and you need to pay more to track more keywords.
2. Find long tail high CPC keywords2. It takes relatively a long time to get results for related keywords – when it’s a big list.
3. Check Bing, Google, Yahoo search rankings for your keywords
4. You can quickly score keyword competitiveness
5. Calculate Keyword Profitability with Rank Value
6. Import keywords into LongTailPro
7. Export keywords to Excel
8. Run keyword & Competitor analysis
9. Stay on top of your search rankings with Rank Tracker
10. LongTailPro has an easy to use web-based interface

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Best Features of Long Tail Pro

1. Easy to Measure Keyword Competitiveness (Identify)

One of the must-have functions in a keyword suggestion tool is a way to measure keyword difficulty. Other keyword research tools smash down their keyword competitiveness into 3 levels: Low, Medium, and High.

With Long Tail Pro you can take your keyword competitiveness to a whole new level. Long Tail Pro has algorithms to suggest you relevant keywords. 
You just need to enter your website or blog URL to your Long Tail Pro dashboard and you will get the keyword competitiveness recommendation for your keywords. The tool color-codes keywords according to their difficulty, with green being easy, yellow being moderately difficulty, and unshaded being out of your reach. As you can see in the image below. This shows the keyword ‘affiliate marketing’ is yellow so it is moderately difficult to target. Others are free so are relatively easier to target.

Keyword Competitiveness

This is a great feature that is not provided by FREE tools and it can help us save our time and money on selected keywords which are easier to rank rather than difficult ones.

2. Competition Analysis (Compete)

If you are in a business that is competitive, you need to find ways to outrank your competitors. With Long Tail Pro you can run competitive analysis and uncover metrics like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Referring domains, Site age to check your chances of outranking your competitors. You can also input your competitors URL into the Long Tail Pro keyword research tool to get an idea of their keyword strategy. 

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of Long Tail Pro Competition Analysis

As you can see in the below image you can enter the keyword which you are targeting and you will get the metrics like Site Age, ‘Keyword Competitiveness’, Monthly Search Volume, Trust Flow, Backlinks, Internal Links, Citation Flow, Referring domains, etc. Knowing this can help you determine what you should do to outrank your competitors.

Competition Analysis

So Long Tail Pro easily lets you know about your competition and data needed to create your SEO strategy.

3. Keyword Rank Tracker Feature (Track)

Long Tail Pro has a built-in Rank Tracker tool that helps you determine how your SEO strategy is working by knowing the data. This Rank Tracker allows you to check your website’s rank on key search terms.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Rank Tracker

As you can see in the image above, you just need to enter your domain or website URL and fill in your target keywords. Long Tail Pro will update your keyword rankings on a daily basis so that you keep track of your keywords and make informed decisions.

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Here is a quick demo on how Rank Tracker works in Long Tail Pro

4. Find Keywords with Commercial Intent

With Long Tail Pro you can find keywords with high commercial intent. These are the keywords that are targetted on paid search campaigns by online advertisers.

Long Tail Pro has a metric called Rank Value. This is a useful metric as it tells us Rank Value how much money you will make if you are able to rank your website for the number one position for a given keyword.

For more details on Rank Value, check out this video: 

Rank Value is a great feature to use and I love this feature a lot.

What are the alternatives to Long Tail Pro?

There are many alternatives to many keyword research tools in the market. I have selected one tool which I found to be a better alternative to Long Tail Pro which is SEMrush. Let’s see why below:

Long Tail Pro VS SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the best alternatives to Long Tail Pro. SEMrush not only helps you in getting the right keyword to target on your website but also has tons of other features like competitor research, site audit, social media tracker, and much more. Check SEMrush Tutorial to know how to use SEMrush in your SEO efforts.

However, the cost of SEMrush ($99.95 per month) is more than Long Tail Pro ($46.90 per month – After 30% OFF using this Long Tail Pro discount link). I would suggest you use SEMrush if you want a tool that takes care of all your SEO efforts. However, if you just want to find out the best keywords to target then Long Tail Pro is a better solution for you. Check this FREE trial of SEMrush below:


Long Tail Pro Pricing (After my special discount link)

As the time of writing this review, Long Tail Pro has 3 types of pricing plans which are below. After you use my Long Tail Pro discount link here you will get a 30% discount on their plans:

long tail pro pricing

Concluding Long Tail Pro Review

Long Tail Pro is an awesome keyword research tool. Long Tail Pro is extremely easy to use and they have multiple videos and introductory tutorials which will help you to use their tool easily.

With Long Tail Pro you can easily find keywords with high traffic and lower competition which can help to uplift your website traffic and hence sales. Now if you are using Adsense on your blog you can use this tool to find long-tail keywords with high CPC value which can maximize your AdSense revenue. You can also find profitable keywords for affiliate products from ShareASale, check my ShareASale Review using Long Tail Pro.

With a pricing of $47 post discount. I would definitely recommend you to try Long Tail Pro using the link below:

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Let me know if you any questions from my Long Tail Review in the comments below. I have tried to cover all the parts in this review which can help you understand this tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use long tail pro?

You can use Long Tail Pro with just entering your page URL or domain name and entering your target keywords. Long Tail Pro will run in the backend and keep on updating your keyword search rankings on a daily basis to help you track your keyword positions.

How Long Tail Pro works?

1. Enter your seed keyword and get hundreds of keyword suggestions
2. Run Competitor and keyword analysis based on multiple metrics
3. Determine keyword profitability with rank value
4. Use Rank Tracker to track your keyword ranks

Is Long Tail Pro worth it?

I love Long Tail Pro because of its ease of use and powerful metrics which help us to track our keywords ranks. It does a great job of finding keywords and checking competition levels which are not possible using FREE tools. So, I think Long Tail Pro and worth your investment as it can help you turn this investment into a positive return on investment.

How much is longtail pro?

Long Tail Pro has 3 pricing plans: Monthly starter ($37 per month), Monthly Pro ($67 per month), Monthly Agency ($147 per month). However, with my discount link on this Long Tail Pro review, you will get a 30% discount on these plans. You can use this Long Tail Pro discount link to get 30% OFF.

What are long tail keywords?

Long Tail keywords are generally 3 and 4 keywords phrases that are very specific to a topic. For example: “buy breathable running shoes” is a long tail keyword while “buy shoes” is a short tail keyword. So long-tail keyword as you can see is more specific to search intent and hence have higher conversions.

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