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You have started your website or blog. Now it’s time to learn how to increase traffic to your website. Driving organic traffic is the dream of every blogger or website owner. Once you start a blog or a website you need the traffic to it, in order to generate some income. To increase traffic to your website you need to follow a few simple steps which I will discuss in this article.

What is considered good website traffic?

Well, to be honest, there is no number that can tell this. Ideally, if you have a quality website, 2000 visitors per month can be considered good website traffic for you.

It totally depends on what action people are taking on your website. If your services or products are costly and you get a handful of 2000 visitors per month ad they convert more. Then 2000 visitors a month is good.

On the contrary, if you have 100,000 visitors but they don’t convert easily then 100,000 visitors per month is also not good. Ideally, it depends on what is the quality of traffic you are getting than the quantity. So having fewer people visiting your website and having a good overall conversion rate matters a lot.

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website?

If you want to start your blog then look at my tutorial on how to start a blog and make money. This will guide you step by step on creating a blog using WordPress and ways to earn money online using it.

There are many ways to increase traffic to your website. It depends on your business type as well. But in a general basis, my methods will work. The best ways to increase traffic to your website are:

  • Write Quality content to drive traffic to your website
  • Use SEO
  • Use Pinterest
  • Increase traffic to your website using YouTube
  • increase traffic to your website using Quora
  • increase traffic to your website using Twitter
  • Increase traffic to your website using Facebook Groups

How long does it take for a new website to get traffic?

In my personal experience, I have seen that for a new website. If you are not actively doing link building and just creating content it takes around 8 to 10 months for a new website to get traffic. However, it also depends on your website topic. 

If it is a low competition niche you can see traffic to your website in less than 90 days. However, it takes you to write content consistently on your website. It can be monthly 4 articles or 8 articles per month or more depending on your capacity and time.

Also, you can edit your previously written content and add more value to it. This increases the chances of your rankings more as Google likes websites that are fresh and get updated with new content frequently. You can promote offers from ShareASale to earn money from your blog. Check my ShareASale Review to know more about ShareASale.

Now let’s look into the best ways to increase traffic to your website:

1. Write Quality content to drive traffic to your website

You can increase the traffic to your website by writing quality content. People say content is king and it really is. If you really want to increase quality traffic to your website or blog. You need to build content that matches the search intent. 

Search intent is what the person is looking at while typing the search query. For example: If you search for “How to increase traffic to your website’ you find my blog article which tells you the same.

So, the best way is to write content for the person who is reading it. Give it a personal touch and answer the query the person has searched in the best way. 

You need to make sure that your article is at least 1500 words as below this the chances of your rankings decrease. By the length, I didn’t mean to write anything to just fill the words. It should add value to the readers.

If you see I have mentioned a lot more information which is related to the search query which is ‘how to increase traffic to your website’ with topics covering. ‘What is considered good website traffic?’, the best traffic sources and a detailed explanation of each step. So you need to write a detailed explanation of the information that is useful to your visitors. 

Now the questions arise ok I figured out to write big content. But how to know that people are actually searching for this search term.  First thing is to search for LSI keywords. If you want to learn about the best tool for SEO keyword research and monitoring check my articles on Long Tail Pro Review and Accuranker Review.

LSI keywords are similar words or phrases related to your target keyword: For example, let’s take an example of this post: My target keyword is: how to increase your website traffic

LSI keywords would be words and phrases like:

  • how to get traffic to your website fast
  • get traffic to your website free
  • how to drive massive traffic to your website

Now, to get such suggestions the best FREE way to do this is to use a Keyword Research tool: For a person who has just started blogging or a website, a tool I would suggest using the FREE Google Keyword Planner.

If you are looking for a premium tool then you can use a tool like Semrush as this will not only help you get your LSI keywords volume and suggestions but also you can look into multiple other useful things like SEO audit, competition analysis and much more things needed for your website. I would suggest you try Semrush for FREE. They have a 7-day FREE trial.

Try Semrush 14 day FREE trial now

You can search for keyword suggestions using below search option on Semrush

Semrush keyword research tool

Once you figure out the keywords make a list of them and place it your content as heading and subheading. This will divide your blog or article into multiple short topics. If you write 300 words only for 1 keyword then also it makes a 1500 words article.

2. Use SEO

How to increase website traffic through google using SEO

SEO is really important. You are serious about getting your website on top of Google rankings. To be on the first page of Google search you need to optimize your website using On-Page optimization. Check my article on How to do SEO to learn how to do SEO for your website.

It all starts with keyword research and if you are using WordPress you can use the Yoast plugin to optimize your website for SEO. If you are starting a food blog you can read my article on How To Start a Food Blog and Make Money.

For creating a News/Magazine blog I recommend you use Newspaper WordPress Theme. You can check my Newspaper WordPress theme review to know more about this theme. For other types of blogs, you can use BeTheme. Check BeTheme Review.

Check my Articoolo Review to know how to automatically create content for your blog. Once you optimize your website for SEO. It is now time to promote it using social media.

3. Use Pinterest

How to drive traffic to your website using Pinterest

Pinterest is a very useful source of traffic which many people underestimate. I have personally used Pinterest and they have helped me to increase more traffic to my website. 

On Pinterest, we share our website articles in the form of Image pins. If someone finds it by a search on Pinterest then that person can click on the image to visit our website.

Sounds good right? Now here is the catch, if you are just starting out on Pinterest then people will hardly notice you.

First, you need to follow people from your own industry or niche and then create boards and share their pins on your boards so that your Pinterest account doesn’t look empty.

To increase more traffic fast from Pinterest I recommend using a tool that has a FREE trial called Tailwind. This tool can help you to schedule your posts on Pinterest at multiple times of the day or week. This way you don’t have to manually post at different times on this social media platform.

Tailwind has a superb feature which is called tribes. Now tribes are a group of people who are collected together in a group and share each other’s content. This gives massive amplification of your content. And this can increase massive traffic to your site.

There is also a feature called Smart loop which helps you to Add your Pins to a smart Loop once and they’ll re-circulate them for you – indefinitely.

Go to Tailwind and start your FREE trial

4. Use YouTube

How to use YouTube to drive traffic to your website?

This is extremely useful. YouTube is a very good platform where people often go to learn or know about any particular topic. Now YouTube is like Google search and it shows you videos that are related to the search intent.

The good thing about YouTube is that the quality of traffic from YouTube is really good and the competition is not so much. If you create consistent good quality videos for a long time like 6 months or more then the platform will reward you and provide you more views and website visits.

So you can create a YouTube channel with a suitable topic and promote products or services which your website is offering. Now you can create helpful videos that answer the search query and with that, you can add your website link in the video description so it adds an additional traffic source for your audience.

5. Use Quora

How to get traffic to your website using Quora?

Quora is an excellent source of quality traffic for your website. Quora is one of the biggest Q&A websites where people go and ask questions related to a lot of different topics. Now what I suggest you do is to go to Quora and build a profile for you as a person who is expert and knows about certain topics related to your niche. 

You can create a description of yourself to answer questions that are related to your niche. You can post your related link in the answer which will increase targeted traffic to your website. And this traffic has an excellent chance of converting as it matches an intent.

I know it is not easy to answer questions but you can always search on the web to get an idea of what might be the answer and then write the answer in your own words by taking ideas from 3-4 places. This is what the person wants as you provided the best answer which solved the search query. Once he/she gets the answer to the queries you will get targetted visits to your blog post.

6. Use Twitter to drive traffic to your website

How to use twitter to drive traffic to your website

Twitter is an excellent medium to increase traffic to your website. The fact that supports my point is on Twitter people are looking for news/updates. Twitter is a social media platform to check what’s happening in the world right now. It is a place to follow your interests and connect with people. 

This gives you an excellent opportunity to grow your followers and get people on your website. All you need to do is follow people, Retweet their posts with a good comment (not just awesome post!, Great post! etc) but something which adds value to the retweet.  Also like other people tweets, comment on them, and follow people in your industry. This will help you grow on Twitter and eventually increase traffic to your website.

7. Increase traffic to your website using Facebook Groups

There was a time when I thought that Facebook Organic Search was dead. As I saw my page posts getting very low reach most of the time. So I tried Facebook Groups. To my surprise, I noticed that Facebook groups have a good reach and better engagement than what your page posts are. 

I would suggest you join some good groups related to your niche on Facebook. You can see a Facebook Group I started recently. You can visit my Facebook group here. Give genuine comments on other people’s posts. Answer their queries. Once you establish a reputation in a few groups. Then you can share your posts on those groups and ask people to visit your website. 

This will improve your website visits with quality traffic as Facebook groups are an awesome way to get traffic to your website. If you want to learn Facebook Marketing check my Facebook Ads Guide.

Know about the Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers. For a cheap and good web hosting, you can use Hostinger. Check my Hostinger Review to know about Hostinger.

Check Semrush Tutorial to learn how to use Semrush for SEO.

Check my YouTube Video to know how to drive traffic to your website:

General FAQ:

How do you rank organic on Google?

You can follow these steps to rank organic on Google:
1. Do Keyword Research
2. Create Awesome Content which loves to get read and shared
3. Try to answer the search query first and then write content related to other possible questions
4. Write Title and Description which gives and ideas of what the visitor will get after clicking your link
5. Use good internal linking to connect your website content and increase internal backlinks
6. Use ALT tags in images so that you can come into Google Image search
7. Use Structured snippets to get into search snippets results
8. Use social media sharing options on your post to get shared and traffic to your website
9. Be consistent and try to fill the gaps in search. This is by writing content that solved the search intent. You can check for topics which do not have many answers on Google and create a content around it to get good rankings and traffic
10. Use Google Search Console to track and improve your search rankings by using the performance report

Do backlinks still work?

Google uses Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Also known as E-A-T as a ranking factor now. This means that backlinks still work but you need quality backlinks from authority websites. 
To create backlinks you can use Resource Page Link Building, Broken Link Building, Create research reports with valid data points so that people link to it.
Even if you don’t do extensive link building. Writing good content which people love to read and share can still get you backlinks.

I hope by now you have know how to increase traffic to your website. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below.


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