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Hostinger Minecraft server hosting helps you to start your Minecraft server in a few clicks. In this Hostinger Minecraft server review, I will discuss the Pros and Cons, pricing, and features of the Hostinger Minecraft server to help you decide on hosting Minecraft on Hostinger servers.

What is Hostinger Minecraft Server?

Hostinger is one of the best services to host Minecraft games. Minecraft is an extremely popular game where you can create scenarios using blocks and play online with multiple players at the same time. This game requires a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with root access to get hosted and become available for playing online.

Hostinger Minecraft Server hosting offers you complete root access to your virtual server. You can customize the server configuration as per your needs and preferences.

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Pros and Cons of Hostinger Minecraft Server

Hostinger Minecraft Server PROSHostinger Minecraft Server CONS
Easy setupNo phone support 
DDOS protectionLive chat is only available once you log in to your Hosting account
Automatic BackupsA variety of plans often confuse users
Full root access
Free MySQL
Fast SSD
99.99% uptime SLA 
30 days money-back guarantee
PCI-DSS compliant 
Servers around the globe
Dual-CPU hardware technology
Multicraft panel to setup Minecraft server easily 

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Hostinger Minecraft Server Pricing and Plans

There are 5 plans for Hostinger Minecraft server hosting. These plans are based on how many players will play on your server. I have are listed the plans below based on their major differentiating factor which is RAM Pricing, and vCPU (virtual centralized processing unit).

Alex PlanVillager PlanCreeper PlanHerobrine PlanEnderman Plan
2 vCPU3 vCPU4 vCPU6 vCPU8 vCPU
Best for 10 Players Best for 15 Players Best for 25 Players Best for 40 Players More than 90 Players 
$8.95 per month$12.95 per month$15.95 per month$23.95 per month$29.95 per month

As you can see the pricing of Hostinger Minecraft Server hosting is low. The only condition with them is you are willing to pay for a 4-year term. If you choose to pay for a year or less amount of time the costs will increase.

If you want to learn more about Hostinger and its other services you can take a look at my Hostinger Review. Hostinger web hosting helps you to start a blog easily in WordPress. It is the best and cheap WordPress hosting service.

How to Choose the Best Hostinger Minecraft Server Plan

So many different Hostinger Minecraft Server Plans might be confusing for you. If you want to choose any one plan for your hosting needs you need to first decide on how many players will play on your Minecraft server.

To do this you can use this easy RAM-based formula:

  • 2 GB – 10 Players – Choose the Alex plan if you fall in this category
  • 3 GB – 15 Players – Choose the Villager plan if you fall in this category
  • 4 GB – 25 Players – Choose the Creeper plan if you fall in this category
  • 6 GB – 40 Players – Choose the Herobrine plan if you fall in this category
  • 8 GB – More than 90 Players – Choose the Enderman plan if you fall in this category

If you are still confused, I will recommend you to start with the $8.95 per month Alex plan. Once your requirements increase and you add more players to your Minecraft server you can upgrade to a higher plan in just a couple of clicks.

For this just go to the Hostinger dashboard and submit your order for a change of plan. Your server is instantly upgraded in real-time with no data or settings loss.

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Hostinger Minecraft Server Hosting Features

Easy Hostinger Minecraft Server Setup With Multicraft Panel

You will get a Multicraft panel to set up and manage your Hostinger Minecraft server with ease. You will get full root access to your server with a flexible daemon that allows you to add or remove any plugins and mods with a few clicks.

Hostinger Minecraft Server Review

With the Multicraft panel you can set up your server in a few easy steps below:

Step 1: Buy Minecraft VPS hosting from Hostinger Minecraft Server Purchase Page

Step 2: Once your order gets activated you will be able to see your login details to the Multicraft panel on the VPS management page.

Step 3: Log in to your Multicraft panel using your login details.

Step 4: Click on Create server button

Step 5. Fill in the Server description on the following fields: Name: Enter your server name, Player Slots: Enter your desired maximum players count, Memory – Enter the maximum allocated memory for the Hostinger Minecraft server. You must leave at least 1024MB for a reserve so that server won’t disconnect you randomly.

Step 6. Click on the Create button and then on the Start button.

Now, your Hostinger Minecraft server is created and once it starts you can do additional configuration settings as per your needs. If you want to configure some settings you can use this guide from Hostinger.

Automatic Backups

All Hostinger Minecraft server hosting plans include cloud-based VPS with double RAID protection. This helps to restore the server in a few seconds from any time and any day.

The VPS control panel allows you to access your backups. This helps to restore your files in seconds at any time of the day.

Unlimited Modpacks

Minecraft “mods” (modifications) are modifications or changes made to the game to change the original gameplay. For example, introducing new characters, and changing the colors of the game.

Hostinger Minecraft Server hosting comes with preinstalled mods that can be added or removed anytime. Furthermore, the full root access of this server allows you to add your mods.

modpacks hostinger minecraft server review

Hostinger Minecraft Multiple Server Locations

The good news is that Hostinger Minecraft servers are located in 5 locations: Lithuania, Netherlands, US, UK, and Singapore. You can choose the nearest location based on your current location for the best results.

Hostinger Minecraft hosting is very reliable with the lowest possible latency. If you want to prevent higher latency and lag issues, you should go to the nearest location.

hostinger minecraft server locations

The best part of the Hostinger Minecraft server is – You can change your server location wherever you want. That means if you are traveling you can choose the nearest location based on your travel.

Hostinger Minecraft Server Review – Conclusion

At the end of this Hostinger Minecraft Server review, I can say that Hostinger is the best choice for hosting Minecraft. This is because of the useful features that Hostinger provides for hosting this particular game.

Your Minecraft servers are created on VPS with full root access. This means you will get dedicated resources to host Minecraft.

Features like minimum 2 GB RAM, automated backups, multiple server locations, unlimited Modpacks, and easy Minecraft server setup using Multicraft panel make Hostinger the perfect choice to host Minecraft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hostinger good for the Minecraft server?

Hostinger Minecraft Server has features like easy Minecraft server setup, automated backups, multiple server locations, and unlimited Modpacks. Also, this hosting is dedicated to Minecraft. This makes Hostinger Minecraft server hosting s perfect choice to host Minecraft.

How to set up a Hostinger Minecraft server?

Hostinger Minecraft server can be set up easily. You just need to choose your preferred Minecraft hosting plan, complete the order and your server will be set up instantly.

Is 2 GB RAM enough for a Minecraft server?

If you just trying to play with 10 players then a 2 GM RAM is sufficient for the Minecraft server. However, for more players, you need to upgrade RAM on the Hostinger Minecraft server. Here is the RAM-wise distribution. For 15 players 3 GB, 4 GB – 25 Players, 6 GB – 40 Players, 8 GB – More than 90 Players.

I have covered everything in this Hostinger Minecraft server review. This will help you decide to choose this Minecraft hosting service.

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hostinger-minecraft-server-reviewHostinger Minecraft Server hosting has top Features like a minimum of 2 GB RAM, automated backups, multiple server locations, unlimited Modpacks, easy Minecraft server setup using Multicraft panel. All this makes Hostinger the perfect choice to host Minecraft.


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