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Are you searching for Camtasia Review? You have arrived at the right place. In this post, I will do a review of Camtasia. Camtasia is a video editing software developed by TechSmith. Camtasia is one of the most powerful video editing software in the world.

I will do an honest Camtasia review. I will use my Mac system for this Camtasia Review. You will be able to know the advantages and disadvantages of Camtasia video editing software. This review will help you to decide to choose this video editing software for your needs. Camtasia works in the same way on both Mac and Windows systems. You can use it on any OS (operating system) of your choice.

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What is Camtasia?

Camtasia is a screen recording and video editing software developed by Techsmith. It makes it simple to create and record professional-looking videos on Mac and Windows.

It supports a range of popular media formats that give us a nice user interface for creating videos. You can transfer videos from your device using Techsmith’s free app for iOS and Android

Camtasia screen recorder is very easy to use. For example, if you want to make a video on ‘How to start a blog or a tutorial like the Semrush tutorial. Camtasia screen recorder can be used for screen recording while creating these videos. You just need to click on the record button, add a few effects and your video will start recording. You can share your video directly on your favorite web places like Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo

Camtasia is a video editing software that can be used by anyone who doesn’t have much knowledge of video editing. Camtasia has a FREE trial that can help you to learn about the features of this video editing software.

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What is Camtasia used for?

Camtasia can create the below-mentioned types of videos:

  • How-to videos
  • Video tutorials
  • Demo videos
  • YouTube videos
  • Training videos
  • Video Lessons
  • Meeting recordings
  • Webinar recordings
  • Explainer videos
  • Instructional videos
  • Presentation recordings
  • and much more!

Camtasia Review: Tutorial Video

Watch this video to learn about how to use Camtasia for video editing. You will learn about how the Camtasia interface looks:

Camtasia Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

1. Mobile App
2. No limits on video length
3. Social Sharing Option
4. 4K Video Support
5. Screen Recorder
6. Animation Features
7. Cursor Effects
8. Annotations
9. Excellent Tutorial Support
10. Complete Video Effect Control
11. Tons of Professional Features
1. Requires Software Installation and system compatibility with new versions
2. A Bit Expensive
3. Limited Preset Media Library

Camtasia Review for Mac vs Camtasia for Windows

Camtasia can be downloaded and used on both Windows and Mac. It works the same on both Windows and Mac systems. You can get Camtasia free trial by clicking the below link:

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camtasia screen recorder and video editor

After clicking on the Camtasia FREE trial link. You will arrive at the above page. Now you can download Camtasia free trial available for both Windows and Mac OS.

Camtasia Mac Review

You can see how Camtasia Interface looks on the Mac system below. I have downloaded it for my Mac OS. I am using it to edit one of my videos.

Is Camtasia Free? If not what is the Cost?

Camtasia has a FREE Trial of 30 days. After the end of the Camtasia free trial, you can pay $249 to continue using this software. You can see the Camtasia pricing page here.

The good thing is you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is an added advantage because you can use the software post-purchase for 30 days. if you are satisfied with the product then you can continue further or ask for a refund.

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Camtasia software package contains:

  • Includes 2 installations per user
  • Compatible with macOS and Windows
  • Has English, French, German, Chinese, or Japanese language versions

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Camtasia Mac Review: Features

1. Record your screen

With Camtasia, you can easily record your screen by just clicking a button.

Camtasia screen recording

As you can see in the above image, there is a button in the top left corner. This button when clicked can record everything on your computer screen like Presentations, websites you visit, video calls, etc.

This video recording feature of Camtasia is superb for creating video tutorial videos. In which you can teach about a topic and apply various effects in the video.

TechSmith Camtasia Review of the Interface

camtasia interface

As you can see in the above image I have opened the Camtasia interface on my mac laptop. Camtasia interface has 3 main areas. The media on the top left, track timelines at the bottom of the preview area in the top right.

There is a properties panel as you can see in the video which is used to set scaling, rotation, and positioning in the video. To import media you just need can see the image below, it is just opening the file and importing media from your computer.

import media in camtasia video editor

Your imported media is stored in the ‘Media Bin’. You can access the library of all preset media that comes built-in the program, import files from Google Drive, and mobile using the Techsmith app called TechSmith Fuse.

Working with the Media for Video Editing in Camtasia

How to trim video in Camtasia?

Once you have imported a video file into your timeline. You need to select the video section, split it and you can cut/copy and paste the video track just like you do in some file editors. You can check this in the below image a ‘Cut’ option is present.

trimming video

Adding effects in Camtasia

Adding effects is super easy with Camtasia. You can just Drag and drop text, transitions, effects, and more in the built-in video editor.

Camtasia Adding Effects on Video

You can add Shapes, Annotations, Transitions, Animations, and Cursor Effects to your video. Which gives your videos a professional and engaging look. All this with just drag and drop feature. Pretty cool!

Adding Music and audio in Camtasia

You can choose from royalty-free music and sound effects from the Camtasia library. As you can see in the image below. I am checking their music tracks from the library. This music you can use in your videos.

adding music to videos

Record and import presentations

You can record or import PowerPoint slides directly into Camtasia. You can also turn your presentation into a video

Transitions feature of Camtasia

You can use transitions between scenes and slides to enhance the flow of your videos. This can be done by using Transition effects in the Camtasia video editing interface.

Zoom, pan, and animate

You can add concentrate, zoom out, and pan animations to your screen recordings.

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Camtasia Review: Downside

1. Camtasia has a Limited Preset Media Library

I got a bit confused in the Camtasia Interface when I went to the design of some of the preset effects. I was looking to edit some of the behaviors in the animation and then it got a bit messy.

Camtasia presets are a group of multiple different elements combined. You can drag and drop these and use them in your project. When you want to find the piece of the element to edit. It gets a bit difficult. 

However, this level of editing is not required on a general basis. if you want to create something as per custom requirements then this is a bit difficult in this software. However, with some practice, you will find it easier to do this.

2. How much Does Camtasia Cost?

Check the latest cost of Camtasia on this Camtasia Pricing page. It might sound a bit expensive for some people. With all the good features, this software is a good choice for professional video creators, because it helps them to record videos that add a lot of value to their content. Investing in good video recording software like Camtasia can save hours of your work. However, when it comes to pricing this cost is not affordable for everyone.

3. Camtasia Requires Software Installation and system compatibility with new versions

You have to download and use the software on your computer. You are only allowed to update your software to a new version of your current version. For example, if you have Camtasia 9.1 and Camtasia version 9.2 releases, you can update them for free. You are only allowed to update your software to a new version of your current version. However, if version 10 is released, you need to pay some amount to get the new version.

My Bottom-Line Take In This Camtasia Review

As per my Camtasia Review, I recommend buying Camtasia software for anyone who wants to create a professional quality video. With Camtasia, you have complete control over animation, color, timing, audio, and other video effects. You can adjust the video as per your needs easily.

Camtasia is an easy-to-use software with a very user-friendly interface. It contains all the possible options one can look into for good video editing software. TechSmith the makers of Camtasia has created multiple tutorial videos. These videos help you to learn how to use this software as per your needs. Their technical support team is also very helpful.

Camtasia is a video editing software that can be used for screen recording, adding multiple effects and animations, creating unlimited videos, and publishing to YouTube directly from the dashboard. This is the video editing software you should use.

The best thing is you can try Camtasia is FREE for 30 days without any commitments. I recommend getting this Camtasia free trial using the link below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Camtasia easy to use?

Yes, the Camtasia interface is very easy to use. You can add Shapes, Annotations, Transitions, Animations, and Cursor Effects to your video. Which gives your videos a professional and engaging look. All this with just drag and drop feature. Also once you create the video you can share it with any medium like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, etc.

Is Camtasia a one-time purchase?

You can purchase Camtasia to permanently own the version of the software by paying a one-time fee, which includes upgrades to the current version. But for major upgrades, you need to pay an additional fee. You can check the Camtasia pricing page here for more details on this.

Is Camtasia better than iMovie?

iMovie cannot capture the screen. With Camtasia, you can capture your webcam, computer screen, and presentation. This gives you flexibility and easy to compile the video by adding various effects like audio, annotations, shapes, animations, and transitions to your video.

Does Camtasia’s free trial have a watermark?

Yes, Camtasia’s free trial will have a watermark on the videos you create with this tool. If you wish to use Camtasia without a watermark you need to upgrade to a full version by buying the software.

Is Camtasia worth the money?

Yes, with all the good features like screen recording, animation, annotations, and transition effects Camtasia is definitely worth the money. Also, they have a 30-day trial which you can use to test the video editing software. They have helpful guides that can be used to learn the tool and use it to its maximum potential.

How do I use Camtasia in PowerPoint?

To use Camtasia with PowerPoint you need to first close PowerPoint. Then in Import Media select your PowerPoint file. Camtasia automatically converts each PowerPoint slide into an image and adds it to the media bin. You just need to drag the slides into the timeline and they can be used in your video.

How to add transitions in Camtasia?

In Camtasia, you can add and use transitions between slides and scenes to improve your video flow. To add a transition in Camtasia Studio, just select the transitions tab. Then you can click on the transition you like and drag it to the part of the video timeline. 

I hope this Camtasia Review was helpful to you. Have a great day ahead.


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