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Finding the Best WordPress Themes For Blogs is a tough task. With so many WordPress themes in the market. The decision to go with the best WordPress Theme is really difficult. To help you choose the best theme. I have listed the best WordPress Themes with their most useful features which are useful for any blog.

Having a good WordPress theme is extremely important if you want to run a successful blog. If you are starting a blog the first thing you need to decide is your blog hosting (This is where your blog is hosted online).

I recommend Bluehost if you are just starting on your blog journey. Bluehost is good for new bloggers due to its ease of use and excellent hosting environment.

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5 Best WordPress Themes For Blogs

WordPress is by far the best content management system you can use for your blog. It is good due to its ease of use, supports all types of websites, can be easily managed, and has multiple other factors. Now once you decide on using WordPress. You need to know which are the best WordPress Themes for blogs that you can use for your blog.

These WordPress themes are not free and are premium. Free WordPress themes should be avoided if you are serious about your blog business. This is because of the limitations free WordPress themes have. If you are a professional blogger you should choose to go with a premium WordPress theme.

Are these premium WordPress themes worth it? Let us look into why Premium WordPress themes are better for your blog:

  • Premium themes help you increase traffic to your website because they are SEO friendly
  • You get support and updates more often which help you to fix problems and secure your blog in the long run
  • Premium WordPress themes offer a lot of demo and customization options. They also help you to build a blog easily by using just a drag and drop page builder

Check my list below for the Best WordPress Themes For Blogs that solve different purposes:

Theme NameDownload Link
1. Newspaper (Best For News/Magazine Blog)Newspaper WordPress Theme
2. BeTheme (Best For any kind of blog)BeTheme
3. Genesis Theme (the most customizable WordPress theme)Genesis Theme
4. Flatsome (Best for eCommerce)Flatsome Theme
5. Neptune (Best for Food blogs)Neptune

Let us look into these WordPress themes one by one:

1. Newspaper – Best WordPress Theme for News/Magazine Blogs

Best WordPress Theme for Blogs

As the name suggests. The Newspaper theme is a great WordPress theme that works perfectly for News/Magazine blogs. This theme can handle a large amount of content like videos or text-based posts created for reading. This is necessary for a content-heavy news/magazine blog.

Advantages of the Newspaper WordPress theme which make it one of the best WordPress themes for blogs:

  • Easy to use drag and drop page builder
  • No coding skills are required to create a blog
  • Fast and responsive design makes it work perfectly on all types of devices
  • Excellent theme support
  • 80+ complete unique website demos which can be used to create a different type of blog apart from News/Magazine
  • Comes with 8 premium plugins
  • FREE lifetime updates

I have written a detailed Newspaper WordPress Theme Review which you can check to know more about this theme.

Learn More/Download Newspaper Theme

2. BeTheme – Best Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme for Blogs

Best WordPress Theme for Blogs - BeTheme

BeTheme is a multipurpose WordPress theme that I recommend for any type of blog you are looking to create. This is great as you can use this theme for any type of blog.

Advantages of BeTheme which makes it one of the best WordPress themes for Blogs:

  • 500+ Website Demos which means you have the option to create Cafe, Astrology, Hotel, Shopping, IT, Car Rentals, Wedding Planner, Food blog and the list goes on
  • Customizable Header Styles
  • You can generate shortcodes
  • BeTheme is fully customizable
  • It is SEO friendly
  • It is responsive and retina ready
  • BeTheme Has RTL (right to left) support for languages like Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, Persian language blogs
  • FREE lifetime updates

I have written a detailed BeTheme Review which you can check to know more about this theme.

Learn More/Download BeTheme

3. Genesis Theme – Best WordPress theme For blogs that need more customization

Best WordPress Theme for blogs - Genesis Theme

Genesis Theme is a framework that makes it the most customizable WordPress theme. All you need to do in Genesis is get the Genesis framework, choose a skin, and start customizing your new theme. This WordPress theme is sold by WP Engine which is an excellent managed WordPress hosting company. You can check my WP Engine Review to know more about WP Engine.

This is a WordPress theme that is super easy to use. You need no coding knowledge to use or customize this theme. You will get a stylish and good-looking blog within a short period using the Genesis theme framework.

Advantages of Genesis Theme which makes it one of the best WordPress themes For blogs:

  • Genesis framework Supports Schema.org code, which allows you to output microdata in your site’s code. This enhances your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) even further
  • You get unlimited support for 1 year, Unlimited updates, Unlimited websites
  • Offers great security to WordPress
  • Child theme support
  • Automatic theme and WordPress updates support
  • Custom Widgets & Layout Options
  • Auto-Sized Featured Images
  • One-Click Demo Install
  • Ad Support
  • Well documented with a good number of tutorials

Learn More/Download Genesis Theme

4. Flatsome | Best WordPress Theme for E-commerce Blogs

Flatsome Theme

Flatsome is a WordPress theme that is good for E-commerce blogs. This theme is made exclusively for WooCommerce and online stores. So we can say that Flatsome is a WordPress shopping theme.

WooCommerce is an open-source, completely customizable eCommerce platform for businesses worldwide. So by using WooCommerce, you can create beautiful E-commerce stores that can be used to sell products online.

Advantages of Flatsome Theme which makes it one of the Best WordPress Themes For Blogs:

  • Easy Drag & Drop Page Builder so no coding is needed to create your blog
  • Flatsome lets you customize your site in a live customizer
  • Very regularly updated
  • Multiple 1-click shop demos
  • Let’s customers find products quickly with an optional Live Search dropdown
  • Quick Add To Cart button
  • Add To Wishlist feature
  • Mobile Optimized design
  • Excellent support

So, Flatsome is a great WordPress theme for shopping websites. It has all the tools you need to create fast, responsive blogs that have a better user experience. 

Learn More/Download Flatsome Theme

5. Neptune – Best WordPress Theme For Food Blogs

The Neptune WordPress theme is perfect if you want to start a food blog and has good reviews. Created with food bloggers in mind, you can start your cooking blog with a simple and clean layout, sliding featured recipes, and much more. You can also use automatic content creation software like Articoolo to create content with less effort for your food blog.

The Neptune theme is, in particular, centered on food bloggers and integrated with some high-quality capabilities. It has an extremely good easy-to-use elements builder, nutritional information container, and informative steps with photographs. All this makes it easy for your followers to learn about your recipes. This theme demo version looks like the below:

neptune wordpress theme

Advantages of Neptune theme which makes it one of the Best WordPress Themes For Blogs focussed on the food niche:

  • Responsive design
  • Full support for Google Rich snippets to boost your SEO rankings
  • Unique Touch-friendly Featured Recipes Slider
  • 7 Different Blog Layouts
  • Full Support for Contact Form 7
  • Ingredients block
  • Nutritional data block
  • Recipe steps with photos and cooking time
  • Powerful Theme Options Panel
  • Social Media Icons in Header and Footer
  • Translation Ready
  • Servings facts, difficulty records for each recipe
  • Users can put up recipes
  • Users can bookmark recipes they like

Learn More/Download Neptune Theme

How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for Your Blog

Now, you know the best WordPress theme recommended for different types of blogs. Let us learn about how you can make the right decision in choosing the best WordPress theme for your blog out of all these.

Your Blogging Niche/Topic

This is the most important factor which should come to your mind when you are looking for the WordPress theme for your blog. I have recommended 5 WordPress themes and each of them is best suited for blogs with a particular niche.

So, if you are looking to start a food blog you must consider going with the Neptune theme as it is specially designed for food blogs. If you are sure about your blogging niche choosing the best WordPress theme for your blog will be easy.

Features Required

All the WordPress themes which are recommended by me in this blog have some unique features. For example, BeTheme has features like Customizable Header Styles, RTL (right to left) support for languages like Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, Persian language blogs, etc.

It’s important to think about the features that are required or will be required for your blog in the long run. Once you write down the features you need in your WordPress theme, you can then easily shortlist them.


With so many WordPress themes in the market. It is a tough decision for you to know which is the best WordPress Themes For your Blog. Now as you can see most of the WordPress themes mentioned in this article are focusing on multiple blog types. Let me make this simple for you.

1. Newspaper Theme – This theme is recommended if you are running a News/Magazine blog.

Download Newspaper Theme

2. BeTheme – This theme you can use for any kind of blog other than an E-commerce blog. Also, if you need a WordPress theme with RTL support, it is the best theme to go with.

Download BeTheme

3. Genesis Theme – If you want to change a lot of things in your WordPress blog. That is a lot of customization that is needed in your WordPress blog. Then I recommend using the Genesis theme framework as this is the most customizable WordPress theme.

Download Genesis Theme

4. Flatsome Theme – This WordPress theme is good if you are running an E-commerce blog or website as it has all the features which are best suited for an online shopping store website.

Download Flatsome Theme

5. Neptune Theme – This theme is best suited if you are running a food blog.

Download Neptune Theme

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WordPress free for blogging?

WordPress as a software is free to use on your blog. To use WordPress on your blog you need a hosting service, which I recommend can be Bluehost. Rest you can use WordPress FREE themes or premium themes for a price. This depends on your requirements. But you can use WordPress software with FREE themes and plugins on a blog. For advanced features, you need to either buy a plugin or a premium theme.

What are WordPress themes?

A WordPress theme is a collection of files (style sheets, code, and graphics) that is responsible for the overall look of your WordPress-powered blog or website. You can change or manage a WordPress theme by going to Appearance>>Themes. There are several free and paid WordPress themes available in the market. WordPress themes make it easy to change the look and feel of your website by having an editing option in the theme panel. This helps you to create a website or a blog easily without writing any code.

Is WordPress good for SEO?

WordPress as a content management system (CMS) is good for SEO. The reasons are
1. WordPress code is clean and easily customizable to improve website speed.
2. You can add metadata like Meta Descriptions, focus keywords, and meta titles easily using an SEO plugin like Yoast so it helps in on-page optimization.
3. Adding headings like H2, H3, and H4 is very easy in WordPress.
4. You can add structured data to your posts using different plugins and themes which support the same in WordPress
5. With so many plugins and themes, it is very easy to frequently update your website or blog and this boosts SEO as your website content is frequently updated
Check Semrush Tutorial to know how to use Semrush in your SEO efforts.

Should I pay for a WordPress theme?

Yes, buying a premium WordPress theme gives you a lot of features that make your website look more professional. FREE themes mostly come with limitations and you need to upgrade to a premium WordPress Theme if you need to add features that make your website or blog better. Paying for a WordPress theme also helps you to improve your SEO, increase your blog or website page loading time, make your website more user-friendly, and much more.

Are WordPress themes a one-time purchase?

Yes, WordPress themes are technically a one-time purchase. These themes come with a license that you can mostly use on a single domain. The theme updates are FREE for a lifetime. The only thing which you need to pay after a certain amount of time which varies from 6 months to 1 year is the theme support. If you need that you can opt to pay for it. Apart from this most of the premium WordPress themes are purchased for one time and you can use them for a lifetime.

What should I look for in a WordPress theme?

1. Know your niche, Your WordPress theme should be as per your niche. Be it food, E-commerce, etc
2. Check whether the WordPress theme is responsive or not
3. Your WordPress theme should be light and fast in use
4. It should be easily customizable
5. The theme should be SEO friendly
6. Do look for a premium theme if you want a professional-looking blog

How do I install a ThemeForest theme?

Themeforest is an excellent marketplace that helps you to get premium WordPress themes and plugins. To install a ThemeForest theme you need to first buy the theme and get the zip file containing all the theme files. Then go to Appearance > Themes and upload the theme file in the WordPress panel. Once you upload you will get an option to install and then activate the theme from the WordPress theme panel.

Which WordPress theme is the most customizable?

BeTheme is the most customizable WordPress theme. The factors which make it such a theme are: 500+ demo options, Customizable header Styles, RTL support, and much more. You can customize and use BeTheme for any kind of blog like Cafe, Astrology, Hotel, Shopping, IT, Car Rentals, Wedding Planner, Food blog and the list goes on.

Here are a few more WordPress themes that I have reviewed on my blog:

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on the best WordPress themes for blogs. Have a great day!


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