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Accuranker is a tool that provides rank tracking for your keywords on Organic search. This Keyword rank tracking tool Accuranker is being used by many SEO agencies and SEO professionals that need accurate and insightful on-demand data. In this Accuranker Review, we will check the features of Accuranker which are helpful in keyword rank tracking.

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What is Accuranker?

SEO is a website’s need that can’t be ignored. Even if you use paid ads to increase traffic to your website. You need SEO to maintain a steady flow of incoming traffic to your website via organic search.

Now, if you have a website or you have started a blog. In SEO we have keywords whose search rankings are to be monitored in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It can be stressful to monitor all these keywords and check their current search ranks if you do it manually.

You will require a reliable tool/software that would be able to track your keywords on a daily basis. A tool that can help you collect and analyze your recent search position data to help you make an informed decision in SEO. This is where Accuranker comes in.

Accuranker is cloud-based software, which can monitor a website’s keyword ranks. It lets you check your search keyword positions whenever you need them. Also, you can check your competitor’s keyword rankings to know where you stand as compared to your competitors. The good thing is Accuranker has a 7 days free trial.

Accuranker Review – Pros and Cons

Accuranker ProsAccuranker Cons
1. Easy to use and setup1. Good to track your keyword rankings. but for other SEO tasks, you need to use other SEO tools
2. Data is organized at one place2. Data refresh can be slow sometimes
3. Option to refresh keywords rankings when you need them
4. Professional reporting feature
5. Free Google SERP Checker
6. Easy 3rd Party Integrations
7. Share of Voice (SoV) feature
8. Ranking Distribution
9. Fair pricing 
10. Good for both agencies and brands
11. 7 days free trial 
12. Trusted by more than 25,000 agencies, SEO professionals and brands
13. Outstanding customer service

Accuranker Pricing

The pricing of any software is something that should be fair and good for all business types. This is where Accuranker wins. Accuranker Pricing is at the industry standard. With all the hard work they did for this excellent tool creation and all the features which are provided in this tool.

It makes it a good value for money. Accuranker pricing is based on the number of keywords you are looking for tracking. Their cheapest plan starts at $99/month when paid yearly.

Accuranker Pricing

Keep in mind this important thing while you choose Accuranker plans. For tracking keywords on 2 different devices and locations it will be counted as 4 keywords. 1 per device and 1 per location. So when tracking keywords choose the device and location which matters the most to you.

Start Accuranker Free Trial for 7 days

How is Accuranker different from it’s Competitors?

Accuranker provides all the below features that other top rank tracker tools provides such as:

  • Keyword ranking distributions
  • Keyword segmentation and tagging
  • SERP checker
  • Ranking alerts on a schedule
  • Third-party tool integrations
  • Tracking (from country to zip code levels)

Along with this what differentiates Accuranker from it’s competitors are features such as:

  • Instant On-Demand Updates
  • Integration support for Google Search Console and Google Analytics data into rank reports
  • Track rankings across YouTube, Bing Google, Baidu, and Yandex
  • Share of Voice features  that tells how your most important keywords are performing

Accuranker Review: Features that make it a great Keyword Rank Tracker tool

1. Instant On-Demand Updates

Accuranker understands that for a better SEO strategy you will require daily and on-demand keyword rank updates. This is why it allows you to refresh your ranking whenever you need them. This is an excellent feature to track your search rankings. The good part is you can see your keywords ranks in multiple locations.

As you can see in the image below has my Accuranker Dashboard which has this option. I have marked to refresh keywords whenever you need to see that rank change.

Accuranker Dashboard

2. Accuranker Review: Easy to Use and Setup

For any tool to be successful the most important thing is its simplicity. No one likes a tool that is difficult to use. Here Accuranker wins as it is extremely easy to use and set up. You can start using Accuranker using 3 steps (Add domain, Add Keywords, Go to Accuranker Rank Checker). This is explained below :

A. Add Domain

Add Domain

Once you use your login to the dashboard using your Accuranker login. You can see in the above image to start you just need to add your domain, choose any display name, default search engine, and location (Example: Add Google, United States if you want to track your keyword rankings in the United States). That is it and once you confirm these changes by clicking ‘Save’ Accuranker will ask you to enter a few keywords as you can see in the image below:

B. Add Keywords

accuranker keyword tracking

Once you do all this you can track your keywords using Accuranker rank tracker as you can see below:

C. Accuranker Rank Tracker

accuranker rank tracker

Accuranker Rank Tracker lets you see the keyword rank report. The image below shows the Accuranker keyword tracker report, which can be filtered by country, rank (less than greater than any number), etc. This is how you can use Accuranker to track your keywords.

3. Accuranker SERP Checker 

accuranker serp checker

Accuranker SERP checker tool is a FREE to use tool for anyone. You don’t even own an Accuranker account to use it. Using the Accuranker SERP checker you can see Google Search Results pages (SERP) for your selected keywords in any location. This is a time saver for anyone who is working on local SEO campaigns.

You can see organic and paid search results for both mobile and desktop so you don’t even need to go to your mobile and check the keyword ranks. You can do a maximum of 5 searches a day for FREE. 

This is a useful tool if you want to see what is your search ranks in a specific country. For a normal Google Search, you will see results based on your current location.

If you are doing SEO for a client for a specific country this Accuranker Free Google SERP Checker can be a great time saver. If you are using ShareASale to do affiliate marketing you can use this SERP feature to check search engine ranks for your affiliate blogs as well.

4. Accuranker Review: 3rd Party Integrations

Accuranker provides integration with popular analytical sources like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Data Studio, and more. Connecting Accuranker to Google analytics allows you to get a more in-depth view of your website data. Accuranker Google Data Studio integration is also very helpful to gain more insights into the data.

3rd Party Integrations

You can view the number of visitors per keyword etc. Accuranker makes it super easy to connect with these apps and they have detailed guides on each integration. You can go through them or contact their customer support system to help you get going with them.

AccuRanker Google Data Studio Integration

Google Data Studio is a reporting tool that helps to transform your data into informational, easy-to-understand reports through data visualization. 

Accuranker Google Data Studio integration helps to connect Google Data Studio with AccuRanker. You can show advanced AccuRanker data on the Google Data Studio dashboard in a simple and sleek way.

How to do a Accuranker Google Data Studio connection?

Step1: In your Accuranker dashboard go to “Integrations” -> Google Data Studio, and click on the orange button ‘link’.

accuranker google data studio

Step2: If you doing Accuranker Google Data Studio connection for the first time, you will be taken to your Google Data Studio account. Now, just click on the bottom blue button ‘AUTHORIZE’ and you will be asked to log in to your Google account and set up the connection.

Step 3: Next you need to grant Google Data Studio the ability to pull data from AccuRanker. Now, you just need to log in to your Accuranker account and authorize this. After this, you should receive the message: “Success! You can close this tab”.

accuranker data studio

Step 4: You will now, see your organization list which contains its own and any sub-accounts you have. You should choose the account and domain you want to export from and simply click “Connect”.

accuranker google data studio

Step 5: All the fields are added by default and you can click on “Create Report” as you can see In the image below. If you haven’t connected Google Data Studio to Google Drive, you will be asked to do so. This completes the Accuranker Google Data Studio connection.

accuranker data studio

5. Accuranker Share of Voice (SOV)

The Accuranker ‘Share Of Voice’ (SoV)’ is one of the key metrics on AccuRanker. Share of Voice (SoV) is an indicator that tells how your most important keywords are performing. The keywords that rank among positions 1 to 20 are used for the calculation.

Common CTR for the position is multiplied via the search volume of each keyword, enabling you to see if high traffic keywords are losing or gaining ranks.

What is Accuranker Share of Voice Pro?

Accuranker (1000+ Keyword Plans) customers with subscriptions including 1,000 key phrases or extra have the added advantage of even deeper Accuranker Share of Voice facts that extends the assessment and keyword lists.

  • Share of Voice Landing Pages – Displays Accuranker Share of Voice figures for the combined sum of keywords that point to your Landing Pages
  • Accuranker Share of Voice Competitors – Shows each your’s and your competitors Share of Voice, in addition to the untracked SoV
  • Share of Voice Tags – Displays SoV information for all of your tags, assuming you are using the Accuranker tagging feature

Keywords along with your brand name usually rank 1, In many cases, your competitors will not try to optimize to rank for other brand names. The click-through rates for brand searches are very different. Because of this, Accuranker has an option to remove some keywords from SoV within the tool.

6. Accuranker Review: Ranking Distribution

The ranking Distribution feature of Accuranker shows your keywords at different levels. As you can see in the image below:

Ranking Distribution

The ranking distribution is divided into 6 different groups as per the rankings. As you can see in the above image this is ranging from”1-3″, “4-10” and so on. It allows you to check if keywords that are in the ranking ranges are moving down or up. If your keywords are not in any range Accuranker will show you that as well.

As you can see in the image top left corner there is an option to download this data in multiple formats. In Accuranker you can also add the ranking distribution chart to reports.

For example, let me assume that you want to check which of your keywords are in positions 4-10 in search. You can select this range and exclude the other ranges. You have an option to check this for any specific day as well.

7. Accuranker YouTube, Baidu and Yandex Tracker

Accuranker also helps you to track keyword rankings for your YouTube channel. YouTube videos are gaining popularity with time. If you are producing videos on YouTube you must track your keyword rankings on YouTube to ensure your videos are ranking in YouTube search and other search engines.

The Accuranker YouTube Tracker feature helps you to easily track keywords for your YouTube channel videos. Accuranker fetches all videos in your YouTube channel and monitors your video’s performance in search results of YouTube and other search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex based on your selected country.

This is great if you want to improve your video SEO. If you have clients in China the Accuranker Baidu tracking helps you to uncover SEO opportunities for the Chinese market.

Similar to Baidu in China, Yandex is used in Russia with a volume of more than 53 million active users in Russia. Yandex is also used in countries like Turkey, Belarus, and Kazakhstan making it a useful search engine to use and track.

Accuranker Yandex tracking helps you to track keywords on Yandex for these countries on both desktop and mobile devices. You can also get location-specific results on a city level for these regions.

So, if you focus on Video SEO and run a YouTube channel, or have clients in the Chinese or Eastern European markets, this update will open up a world of opportunities when it comes to your SEO.

This ranking data is updated on a daily basis automatically and manually as well depending on your needs. You can monitor your YouTube channel, find competitors for your YouTube channel, and compare your channel performance with your competitors.

Using the Accuranker Share of Voice feature, you can also get an overview of part of the search traffic owned by your channel. So, this Accuranker YouTube tracker is an awesome feature that is much needed in today’s SEO landscape.

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Accuranker Review: Conclusion

As per my Accuranker Review, I can say that Accuranker is an awesome keyword rank tracking SEO tool. With options like Free Google SERP Checker, Ranking Distribution, Easy 3rd Party Integrations, Share of Voice (SoV) feature, Fair pricing, Ease of use, and setup. The Accuranker support team is very active and they responded very quickly to my requests, which I have personally experienced.

With all these great features, Accuranker is a must-have tool for your keyword rank tracking needs. The good thing is that Accuranker has a FREE trial so you can actually try the tool for 7 days before you go and buy it. Click on the link below to get the 7 days FREE trial.

Start Accuranker Free Trial for 7 days

Accuranker Review Video

You can check my below video in which I have done Accuranker Review and shown the Accuranker tool:

Accuranker Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Is AccuRanker helpful in SEO?

Yes, Accuranker can definitely help you with your SEO. It helps you to track your search engine rankings on a daily basis or when you need them. So you are able to know which keywords are moving up or down on a regular basis automatically rather than doing it all manually. SEO professionals need this updated search ranking data to make informed decisions to improve their search rankings. This is where Accuranker helps them.

Does Accuranker have any FREE Trial?

Yes, you can try Accuranker using this 7 days FREE Trial, and then if you are happy with the services you can upgrade. In the FREE trial, you can use all the features of Accuranker so that you can try it before actually buying the services.

What is Accuranker ‘Google Grump’ Rating feature?

Accuranker provides ‘Google Grump’ ratings. This tells us about the unrest in Google’s algorithms. The grumpier the mood, the greater the fluctuations in rankings. Accuranker provides filters to track changes by device and country. You can also sign up to get email alerts to get notified of Google’s mood on a daily basis. There are 4 types of Google moods that the tool shows.
1. Chilled: Everything is calm.
2. Cautious: This indicates normal activity. If ratings are showing an upward trend over the next few days, then it’s more likely that Google’s mood is about to change.
3. Grumpy: Google’s mood is grumpy – rankings changes are more than usual.
4. Furious: This happens mostly when an algorithm update is taking place. This indicates that Google is angry today with rankings fluctuating at higher speeds

I hope this Accuranker Review is useful for you. Have a great day ahead.


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